• Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library ‘Lee Jong-hoon Lounge’ constructed (funded by alumnus Lee Jong-hoon)
  • Jae Sung Civil Engineering Building ‘Park Chun-kyu high end lecture hall’ newly established (funded by alumnus Park Chun-kyu)
  • ‘Cleantopia Hanyang Art Theater’ remodeled(funded by Lee Beom,-taek alumnus)
  • Korea’s first multiplex career lounge ‘Yang Min-yong Career Lounge’ opened(funded by alumnus Yang Min-yong)’
  • HIT building opened ‘Industry-University Cooperation Team Advertisement hall’
  • Hanyang plaza student cafeteria was remodeled
  • Seoul campus, Hall for female student was remodeled
  • Seoul campus,College of Languages & Cultures was remodeled
  • ERICA campus, College of Design opened ‘Prime Space’
  • ERICA campus, College of Business opened ‘Open Space’


  • ‘Kuwait Center’ initiative established first among universities in South Korea
  • Constructed and opened the ‘Ikema Group’s Innovation Center’ in Hanyang University (Seoul Campus)
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Korean office (Shimchun Campus) opened on the ERICA Campus
  • Established the ‘Talk Talk Everyone’ business for the purpose of developing students from multicultural families
  • Constructed complex-shops in The College of Humanities and in The Chung Mong-Koo Automotive Research Center
  • Remodeled and enlarged the Futsal Stadium on ERICA Campus
  • Constructed the Prime Lounge and Study Room in the ERICA Student Welfare Building
  • Remodeled Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library and constructed the Studyroom (Funds donated by alumni Han Geum-tae and Kang Dae-chang)
  • Constructed powder rooms in the female restrooms
  • Constructed smoking areas on the Seoul Campus
  • Installed the unmanned system and introduced brand new equipment in the copy room and The Advanced Materials & Chemical Engineering Building (Seoul Campus)
  • Constructed the Seminar Room in The Advanced Materials & Chemical Engineering Building (funds donated by alumnus Kim Moo-yeon)
  • Constructed the Student Shelter in The Engineering Building 1 (funds donated by alumnus No Young-paik)
  • Remodeled the ERICA Library
  • Installed the Digital Door Lock in The ERICA Student Welfare Building
  • Remodeled the Muslim Chapel, ‘Saudi Club’


  • Constructed The Chung Mong-Koo Automotive Research Center
  • Opened the International Building
  • Remodeled Hanyang Plaza
  • Constructed the Hang-bok Dormitory (ERICA Campus)
  • The Ministry of Territory announced a plan for establishing the ‘Shin-Ahnsan’ Subway Line. The Hanyang ERICA Station is to be built in 2023
  • Opened the ‘Idea Factory’, an open area where students can experiment and create business ideas
  • Opened the Gongja Academy funded by The Chinese Ministry of Education, (in cooperation with The Jilin University of China)
  • Opened The Entrepreneur Center, Shanghai Office


  • [ERICA] Constructed the Pharmaceutical College and Music Hall