• Rate of employment 72.6%, 3rd place among major universities
  • Sected as ‘2017 Startup Leading University Business Unit ’by Small and Medium Business Administration
  • ERICA, received grade A in BRIDGE for 2 years in a row
  • First university in Korea that supports student employment through HY-CDP(Hanyang-Career Development Program)
  • Cash class(no borders among universities) class for startups
  • Opening of ‘2017 Global startup idea Hackerton competition’
  • Opening of ‘Career Consulting Workshop’ helping students set strategies for employment
  • Attending ‘CES 2017’ contracting with business consulting company in America and launching idea sharing conference to share ideas about startups regarding technology with foreign students
  • Management of ‘Hanyang Startup Lab’ in Global Startup Support Center of NY, US
  • PRIME departments at ERICA invited students and their parents to a career employment briefing session
  • ERICA, launching sympathy concert for success in employment
  • Launching of ‘2017 Job Discovery Festival’
  • ERICA, launching Japanese company internship and seminar for employment
  • Management of ‘ERICA industry-university cooperation cluster education program’ for practical education


  • Ranked 3rd among major private schools. Employment rate 64.5%
  • Top employment rate in Electronic Engineering, Chemistry Engineering, and Architecture (Joongang Daily)
  • Ranked 1st in employment rate (79.4%) for science and engineering field.
  • A campus food truck was operated in the open space in front of the College of Human Ecology to provide practical experience before employment,
  • A total of 58 recruitment sessions held before the Fall recruitment season during September 2016
  • •The 2016 Hanyang Job Discovery Festival
  • MOU for internship with Japanese companies and job fair held at ERICA
  • ‘2016 Successful Recruitment’ concert held at ERICA
  • •‘The 1st SPECIAL ONE Recruitment Process Information Session for Parents’ held at ERICA
  • •2016 Engineering College Recruitment Projection Information Session for Parents’ held at ERICA
  • 2016 Science and Technology College Recruitment Projection Information Session for Parents’ held in ERICA
  • •MOU contract signed with the city of Seoul to foster global entrepreneur


"New model of entrepreneurship education. Combined entrepreneurship major"
  • Combined entrepreneurship major : Entrepreneur Spirit + Practical Capacity for Launching Business + Expanding new course for Business Methodology Lecture
  • Ranked 1st in ‘Venture Entrepreneur’s alma mater’ analysis of 2015 Joonang Daily’s university evaluation
  • First university in Korea to participate in CES 2016
  • Selected as a principal university in SK Group’s Adolescent Soar Program


  • Employment rate of Seoul campus (58.7%) and ERICA campus (51.7%)
  • Successful applicants of Doctor’s License (98.3%)
    - Ranked 1st in Seoul & capital city area medical school’s ratio of successful applicants. All current students passed the exam, including the Practical Performance Exam


  • Employment rate of Seoul campus (62.6%) and ERICA campus (54.1%). (Average employment rate is 59.3%)
  • Participants of HY-WEP rated 88.6% employment rate
  • Awarded Special Award in the 2013 University Entrepreneurship Contest
  • Awarded Grand prize (awarded by the General of the Ministry of Resources), Best Prize (2 teams) and Participation Prize (2 teams) in 2013 Undergraduate Technology Commercialization Contest
  • Success in funding ‘Genic’ 50 million KRW from 2013 Korean Entrepreneurship Contest in the final round of SuperstarV
  • Awarded participation prize in 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Contest
  • ‘Team Hanyang’ selected in ‘2013 Campus CEO Discovery
  • After 2 years of the Graduate Alumni Support Entrepreneurship Program, Hanyang had 110 CEOs of new businesses


  • Employment rate 62.7% (Average of all four year undergraduate universities was 56.2%)
  • 3rd university that companies want to hire as new employees
  • First university leading young entrepreneurship by constructing Global Entrepreneurship Center in July 2009.
  • Management of Hanyang Alumni Startup Academy
  • Held Global Entrepreneurship Idea Contest