"Nurturing leaders of 4th Industrial Revolution through 3S innovation"
  • Smart Hanyang, Start up Hanyang, Social Innovation Hanyang
Establishment of 'Hanyang Cloud Center'
  • First university in Korea to have private cloud system on campus
  • Shortening massive length of time in information processing and reorganizing academic structures of school resulting in overall increase in student satisfaction


  • Remodeled the main website for Hanyang Brand Advertisement, transforming it into an ultimate platform
  • Opened the Hanyang fundraising paper, ‘Hanyang Hand-in Hand’
  • Constructed ‘Hanyang Architecture Center’ and Education Research Center through support from architecture alumni
  • In celebration of the 77th anniversary of Hanyang University, opera ‘Tosca’ was performed by the professors and students at Hanyang University’s outdoor theater
  • Conducted a mobile donation service hosted by Club Hanyang Hand-in-Hand, in which 379 people participated, acquiring a total donation of 16.43 million won
  • 3rd anniversary of ‘Hanyang Alumni Funding Association’
  • The opening of Hanyang Future Forum’s Annual Meeting, where experts convene and discuss future strategy


  • Proclamation of management philosophy ‘Creativity and Service’ by our newly selected President Lee Young-moo
  • Announced the Hanyang Nobel Project Plan. Expanded the financial investment for Basic Science, including Life Science and the Chemistry Field
  • Opened the ‘History Museum’ about Hanyang University and its founder
  • Constructed the Hanyang Trail-Doollehgil by connecting Hanyang 8 scenic points (the 8 great places of Hanyang University)


  • The inauguration of ‘Hanyang Hope’ (student volunteers), a new name from its previous association as the Hanyang Social Volunteer Work Association in memory of its 20th anniversary
  • Opened , an annual music concert in dedication for Hanyang’s founder, the late Paiknam Kim Lyun-Joon’s 100th year celebration
  • Obtained 1st place in the 2014 KS-SQI overall university evaluation in customer satisfaction and managerial achievements
  • Upgraded campus safety: Installed a 24 hour monitoring security control room in order to optimize the overall 24 hour on campus safety system, Upgraded CCTVs to the latest versions (900 total CCTVs), Increased emergency alarms, conducted evacuation drills, and established a safety infrastructure and protocol
  • Enter 6 (Hanyang) opened in front of Seoul campus, marking a financial addition to campus commerce


  • Established the Paiknam Awards, commemorating Hanyang’s late founder, Dr. Paiknam Kim Lyun-Joon. Established a Paiknam Memorial Association and awarded the 1st laureate
  • Established HY-in, a combined informational system for undergraduate, administration, research systems, development, mobile infrastructure, and strengthening data protection
  • Started Hanyang brand supporters activity, Channel H student journalist and reporter activities to encourage student participation
  • Applied Google 3D Map to the University Homepage, and created the Seoul Campus Guide Map


  • Reinforced student leadership and innovation of financial and administrative systems by establishing the ‘Voluntary Responsible Management’
  • Increased college administration faculty support and streamlined the Administrative Headquarters by reorganizing the administration system
  • Constructed the ‘Sotong-handae’, ‘Baljeon-handae’ online communication bulletin-board (implemented by President Lim Deok-ho)
  • Started H initial branding and reinforced the university advertising system
  • Opened the University Souvenir Shop
  • Presented an exclusively designed graduation gown for undergraduates on February of 2012
  • Constructed a gravestone in front of the Hanyang History Museum engraved with the university’s song (Funded by alumni Ro Young-shik)
  • ‘Hanyang Harmony’, the first alumni social volunteer association commences (led by LIG CEO Ku Ja-jun)
    - Volunteer work in Ternate, Phillippines begins for the first time