• Campus tour app ‘tambangtambang’ designed and launched (Shin Kang-su, Noh Woong-gi, Kim Na-yeon, Yoo Eun-seo)
  • Launched ‘Mapia company’ which is the first and the largest piano community in Korea(Huh Sang-min)
  • Launched ‘moida uljang’ which is an online shopping mall that links farmers and consumers in a platform(Kim Kang-san)
  • Won the medal in Seoul International Marathon, male masters (Moon Sam-sung)
  • HY-BALL, Hanyang basketball and volleyball league supporters, highly devoted in University League activation
  • Published a thesis ‘Strategic Management Research’ in KCI(Choi Yoon-hyoung)
  • Published a thesis in SCI class journal(Kim Na-hyun, Lee Sang-yeol)
  • Won 2017 International Robot Contest & R-BIZ Challenge (Department of Robotics )
  • Won first prize in Korean Gayageum Contest(Lee Jin-wook)
  • Won prize in 33th DongA Traditional Korean Music Concours(Lee A-ro, Kim Ju-ri, Ham Ji-ho, Kim Jae-min, Jeon Sung-won, Kim Sol-lim)
  • Won 2017 International Adolescent Olympiads(Department of Information Systems)
  • Won Third Prize in New York Festival, International Advertisement Contest(Lee Dong-hoon)
  • Won student academic award in Korean Academy of Medical Sciences (Department of Medicine)
  • First Asian enters IDO World Gala(Kim Min-a)
  • Won First prize and gold prize in senior male part in 2017 Korea International Modern Dance Concours (Kwon Jae-hun)
  • Published a book in Springer, which is one of the top 3 science book publisher(Kim Tae-hong)
  • Won ‘2017 Graduate student Fellowship’ managed by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Lee Min-ho)


  • Notable Alumnus: Park Min-su (Department of Sports Business) demonstrated sportsmanship in the Liu Olympics
  • Notable Alumni: Choi Tae-woon , director of the pro-volleyball team of Hyundai Capital, Kim Se-jin , director of OK Jeochook Bank, and Yang Chul-ho, director of Hyundai Construction
  • Notable Alumnus: Lee Jae-hak (Department of Business), the first Cambodian Social Enterprise (Res.P Co.) founder
  • Notable Alumnus: Ahn Hye-rin (Department of Law), starts the ‘Everyone’s House’, a shared house program for Seoul National University Students
  • The Hanyang Future Strategy Forum, the most esteemed intellectual network association, comprised of over 300 thousand alumni, reaches its 100th Anniversary
  • The Class of 1985, established a food truck, chicken soup event for The Class 2015 and established the Dream Scholarship 1985


  • Student’s voluntary social volunteer work ‘Sipsiipbab’
    : Aiming an enlargement to all universities in Korea,‘Sipsiipbab’ was selected as ‘Social entrepreneur fostering business creative team’. Awarded Innovative School of Seoul, and Awarded 2nd place as ‘The Association that Changed our Citizen’s Life by a New and Creative Way (reinforcing connection with foreign universities)’
  • Established the student independent finance association, ’Kidari Bank’ to help students obtain small loan amounts
  • Soccer player Seo Young-jae from the College of Sports and Arts enters the SV Hamburg of House Bundesliga
  • Choi Yong-seok (Department of Piano) was awarded this year’s new pianist, presented by Sinim Music Concert and held by Chosun-Ilbo (78th)
  • Seo Su-kyoung (Department of Korean Language & Literature),received attention from an webtoon that is also made into a SBS drama <A Girl Who Sees Scent>
  • Cho Shin-hee (Department of German Language & Literature), is the first female General Manager of the Ministry of Oceans and Fishery


  • The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy and the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning selected five future growth engines and announced the heads of their respective departments.Song Yong-ho , a professor of Department of Electronic Engineering was selected for the intellectual semiconductor field. Sunwoo Myung-ho , a professor in Department of Automotive Engineering was selected for Smart Automobile Group
  • Sunwoo Myung-ho , a professor in Department of Automotive Engineering was selected as Top 10 figure with excellence in nationwide sympathy
  • The 12th Future Automobile Technology contest was held by Hyundai Automobile and Hanyang won the first prize 3 years in a row
  • Choi Min-sung won the main prize in the Red Dot Design Contest
  • Awarded grand prize in the 10th undergraduate debate (Choi Jun-ho and Oh Jang-sung)
  • Awarded grand prize in the First Undergraduate Student Book Debate Contest
  • Awarded grand prize in the 4th undergraduate student debate regarding communication and media (Park Hyun-woo)
  • Awarded gold medal in Incheon Asian Game for Majang Magic (Hwang Young-shik)
  • Awarded gold medal (Seo Hyun-a) in the 33th national swimming contest, 50-meter-backstroke and 100-meter-backstroke
  • The First President of Asian Campus of Utah University (located in Songdo Global City, Incheon), Inseok Han (Department of chemistry)
  • Um Jin-hee (Department of Voice) became the first Asian winner of Australian Green Room Award for Best Actress in Opera
  • Many female alumni from the College of Human Ecology have became professors at prestigious universities abroad (13 in the last 5 years)
  • Won the 48th Presidential National University Baseball Championship (in 17 years)
  • The golden age of alumni from Hanyang Baseball Team: Kim Si-jin, a director of a pro-baseball team Nexen Heroes, Director Ryu Joong-il, a director of Samsung Lions, Jung Hyun-bal, the best coach of a Police Baseball Team, Jang Hyo-jo, a coach of the Samsung Lions, and Lee Man-soo, a coach of SK Wyverns, etc


  • ‘A1 team’ of Department of Automotive Engineering won the first unmanned autonomous car competition
    (Won in the 2012 11th future automobile technology contest and autonomous vehicle competition in 2 consecutive years)
  • A Queen of inventors , Kim Ji-hyo (Department of Industrial Engineering), stood at the podium as the youngest lecturer in Sebashi
  • Kim Song-yeon (Department of Sports Business) became an winner of WMU Entertainment Award in 2013 Ms. University main round
  • Choi Jong-un(Department of Mechanical Engineering) became a CEO of Open Creators, 3D printer manufacturing firm
  • A Vietnamese ‘Danbow’ musician, Lewhai Fung(a doctoral course of Korean Percussion Instrument)
  • Cho Hye-min (Department of Advertising and Public Relations) selected as a part-timer in Fiji through 1440 :1 competition
  • Ahn Sung-hyun(Department of Theater and Film) received attention by participating in ‘SuperstarK 5’
  • Kim Byung-woo (Department of Theater & Film), a movie director received attention from the movie industry with his film, ’The Terror Live’
  • Jung Yu-mi (Department of Theater and Film), an actress garnered attention for the SBS Drama <Wonderful Mama>
  • Jung Ha-rin (Department of Theater and Film), a rising movie director received the spotlight for her movie, ‘Go out with me, Ang-du’
  • Ko Hak-chan (Department of Theater and Film) became the President of Seoul Arts Center
  • 3 Architects, alumni of Department of Architecture (Won Yu-min , Choi Jang-hee, Ahn Hyun-hee), were awarded ‘Young Architect Award’ by the Ministry of Arts and Sports
  • Park Myung-hoon was awarded the grand prize in Global Yoon I-Sang Composition Awards
  • Ahn Kwang-joon (Department of Nuclear Engineering), the 1st artist of new media, was selected as PyeongChang Winter Olympic Biennale Art Director
  • Oh Hyung-kyun (Department of Applied Art Education) conquered the Clio Global Advertising Contest by winning the grand prize, the gold prize, and the silver prize in 2013