Distinguished Research that Brought International Reputation to Hanyang.

As exemplified by the remarkable achievements of our faculty, Hanyang’s research is alive with innovation and momentum than ever before. Our research has made tremendous strides, with our impact reaching the remotest parts of the globe to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Discoveries that Improves our Lives

GREEN ENERGYCCO2 capture with Thermally Rearranged Polymer Membranes: Professor Lee Young-moo (Energy Engineering)

Professor Lee, the first to develop TR polymers gas separator membranes in Korea, presented his research in Science Magazine in 2007. In 2009, Professor Lee succeeded in technology transfer to Air Products.

연구비 총액 2,560억원

  • as of 2015 (239 Million USD)

BIO TECHNOLOGY Development of Artificial Liver Using Stem Cells: Professor Choi Dong-ho (Medicine)

By generating liver cells from induced pluripotent stem cells and by using the 3D bioprinting technology, Professor Choi succeeded to create an artificial liver.

ENERGY HARVESTERPiezoelectric Energy Harvesting Road: Professor Sung Tae-hyun (Electrical Engineering)

Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting (PEH) Road, a national project with a 9 million budget USD, aims to harvest unused traffic energy to generate electricity. Not only would this increase productivity in the long run, it would also help accelerate the pace of full implementation of intelligent transportation systems in our cities.

FUSION TECHNOLOGY Emergency Medical Service Communication Systems: Professor Lim Tae-ho (Medicine)

This is an intelligent life-saving system that enables early rescue of victims, provides the best first-aid treatment and effectively transports patients to the nearest available hospital in times of disaster.

연구 성과

  • 992.10, 5th in Korea

    SCI/SCOPUS indexed journal articles/Source: Higher Education in Korea, 2015
  • 2.79 Million USD

    Technology Transfer (2014)
  • 878183

    Domestic patent applications/ International patentapplications (2014)

AUTOMOBILE Autonomous Vehicle: Professor Sunwoo Myoung-ho (Automotive Engineering)

An autonomous vehicle ‘A1’has won ‘Autonomous Vehicles Contest’ for four consecutive years since 2010. This was also nominated as ‘The World’s Most Notable Research Achievement’ in 2015 by IEEE Xplore.

DISPLAY Head-Mounted Display: Professor Kwon Oh-kyong (Electronic Engineering)

In the Integrated Electronics Lab, one of the latest research is in developing what is commonly referred to as head-mounted displays. These are real-time three-dimensional interactive displays, where the greatest challenge is to achieve lightweight and ergonomic display. This lab is taking the design approach of using micro-display panels in their pursuit of lightweight optics as well as lightweight and ergonomic optomechanical headsets.

EXTREME TECHNOLOGY Developing Lunar Concrete: Professor Lee Tae-sik (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

International Space Exploration Research Center succeeded in developing and producing duplicate soil which suits the physical particle size distribution of the moon’s soil for lunar base construction and also succeeded in developing lunar concrete.

ROBOT Wearable Robot: Professor Han Chang-soo (Robot Engineering)

Advanced Robot Laboratory is developing ‘HEXAR (Hanyang University’s Exoskeleton Assistive Robot),’ which can