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01/07/2020 Special > Reviews


[Full Text] 2020 New Year Celebration Speech of Chairman Kim Chong-yang

‘Creative Leader’ and ‘Loving Leader’ -- Reminding Hanyang’s Millenium Declaration


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*This is a full text of the celebration speech read by chairman Kim Chong-yang at the ‘2020 New Year and Kick-off Meeting’ on January 2nd of 2020.

The year of Gyeongja has started. I thank you by heart to all Hanyang people who devoted themselves to newly making the future of Hanyang last year. Your passionate love for Hanyang has developed the university, and I expect you to make a meaningful year in 2020.

Dear Hanyang families!

This year has another meaning as we have passed the 2010s and met the 2020s. At the beginning of the 2000s, the world expected a lot from the new millennium as they celebrated the opening of the new millennium. After then, 20 years have passed. For the last 20 years, changes in the world were astonishing, and they are still ongoing. Oftentimes, I feel worried when thinking ‘to what extent will the change in the world lead us?’

Hanyang University declared the ‘Hanyang Millennium Declaration’ 20 years ago, celebrating a new millennium. In the declaration, we have clarified Hanyang’s concept of talent that Hanyang of the new millennium wants by saying:

“The ‘millennium leader’ is an individual we would like to cultivate as a ‘creative leader’ who not only accumulates knowledge but also creates new knowledge, and a ‘loving leader’ who overcomes egoism and respects the life of humans and nature.”

The declaration which can be summarized with ‘creative leader’ and ‘loving leader’ seems to be valid 20 years after then. It is more emphasized when looking at the changes within the world. 

Hence, we would like to keep these two keywords in our minds, on the morning of the beginning of the 2020s.

Dear and beloved Hanyang families!

The most frequently used word in the field of big data is AI. Achievements in AI are being broadcasted on the media every day. They also say that the creative field of art will be captured by AI, as the media notes that AI, which can write and draw, has emerged. However, strictly saying, it is not a new creation made by AI. It is just a cumulation of the results and learning of the human-created, creative field.

The ability of an AI that analyzed and learned the paintings of van Gogh and drew paintings in his styles is astonishing, yet it is not van Gogh with creative ability.

Creativity is what it counts. The creativity comes from the liberty of thought of individuals. Further, I think creativity, in its true meaning, has to be valuable. Technology is easy to lose its directions. This is because people only pursue development and achievements, not ethics and values. We can call something as creation only when it is new and valuable and meaningful to humankind. The final destination of such values would be love.

The ‘creative leader’ and ‘loving leader’ we talked about at the declaration are the concepts of talent that are necessary for the era of technology and artificial intelligence. I wish the talents of Hanyang could be raised as creative leaders making valuable things and loving leaders having a good-hearted influence.

Dear and beloved Hanyang families!

I would like to quote a proverb that has been read for more than 2,000 years:

“Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.”

Salt is one of the minerals that humans need for survival and a precious thing to add taste to food. It was used as a currency, and also, it was given as a salary. Salary is known to be derived from salt.

It becomes a scary dictum to all Hanyang people. When we cannot suffice each others’ roles and missions, one would be neglected from the world. Professors, faculties, students, cleaners, guards, managers of each organization, team managers, and we ourselves should know what our roles are, and I wish the year 2020 to be a loyal year as the salt of the world.

The year of the mouse symbolizes fecundity, prosperity, and abundance. I wish all members of Hanyang love and prosperity. Thank you.

January 2nd, 2020, Chairman of Hanyang Foundation, Kim Chong-yang

Global News Team
Translated by: Lee Seong-chae
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