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It is very important to cultivate an international perspective and understand the trend of globalization at this time when the world is gradually transforming into a highly internationalized society. In addition, our generation, living in a globalized world, will gradually expand our scope of activities from home to abroad, hoping to realize our potential in various international organizations, international organizations, NGOs and multinational corporations.

The Division of International Studies is a new division established in line with this paradigm shift. It is a study that studies practical and practical development directions by integrating international studies, such as international politics, international relations, international trade, and international economic situation, into internationalization. Therefore, it is necessary for the international education to be interested in globalization and international affairs, and the emphasis is on practical application and feedback of principles rather than academic inquiry, compared with general principles. All lectures in the Department of International Studies are clearly distinguished from other departments in English.


Globalization of Division of International Studies with different dimensions
All classes at Division of International Studies are conducted in English. Unlike other English-related departments, English study is not a goal, but rather a study of English through the language of English, so more practical and academic English skills are required. Since Hanyang University's international studies themselves cover a wider range of fields than Korean studies, the proportion of foreigners is high, which means that they can meet motives and seniors with various nationalities. Through active exchanges with them, we can broaden our thinking and make global thinking possible.

A wide choice of international studies curriculum
Unlike other schools and other departments that have their own majors definitively decided and study only in that field, Hanyang University's international faculties are integrated into international faculties from the first to the fourth grade. Therefore, students are free to take classes and enjoy classes in all areas if they wish. Likewise, if students want to take an in-depth course in an area, they can set up a track and complete their own curriculum with only relevant courses.



Business Management consultant, M & A expert, logistics manager, certified public accountant, etc. of trading companies, distribution companies, trade related companies, etc.
Public and government agencies International trade, immigration officer, Korea Eximbank,KOTRA, economic policy research
Finance International trade expert, analyst, foreign exchange dealer, customs agent, et
Press Reporter, etc
Field of diplomacy Diplomat, international lawyer, interpreter, etc
Education Professor