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Training Practical Elites With Convergence Expertise

The most important factor driving modern society is knowledge, power, and the economy. These elements are related to each other through means of law. Disputes are prevented or resolved and social reform is ultimately pursued through law. Philosophy is fundamentally exploring the nature and phenomenon of things. Political Science studies political phenomena related to the acquisition, maintenance, and exercise of power while Economics is interested in the phenomenon and policy surrounding the distribution of scarce resources within society. Law can be said to look at how to incorporate and enforce these elements into the system.

The College of Policy Science is a new type of fusion course combining Oxford University's long tradition of PPE and jurisprudence, and it aims to help students understand knowledge, power, and the economy that drives modern society. In addition, the courses in other humanities, social sciences, and languages are cross-trained to broaden the understanding of human and world culture, enhance creativity, raise awareness for the global era, and improve rhetorical skills.
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Department Of Public Administration Information Faculty IAB Faculty Curriculum
Department Of Policy Studies Information Faculty IAB Faculty Curriculum
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Lee, Hoyong

Lee, Hoyong
Dean, College of Policy Science

Lee, Hoyong

Lee, Hoyong
Supervising Professor, Preparation Course for Higher Civil Service Exam (Seoul)