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Fostering Creative Leaders With Greater Competence and Global Power To Manage the World

CE&F understands the basic principles of economy, analyzes and predicts economic phenomena according to economic principles, applies them to government policies and corporate strategies, and has the ability to establish and evaluate economic policies. The purpose of CE&F is to train the students so that they become financial professionals who understand the mechanism and risk of the financial market to determine and to respond effectively. The CE&F students join businesses, government agencies, financial institutions, educational institutions and international organizations to apply economic principles to their work. CE&F develops talented individuals who can adapt to the changes in the global economy and also can actively lead the course by developing courses that can accommodate cultural and academic pluralism based on international knowledge and by understanding economic theories as well. In particular, the Faculty of CE&F have designated the industry, technology economy, public economy, policy, and international trade as areas for further deepening and also have designated the financial sector as a specialized field to enhance professionalism and to provide differentiated employment opportunities.

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Division Of Economics & Finance Information Faculty IAB Faculty Curriculum
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Young Lee

Young Lee
Dean, College of Economics and Finance