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07/12/2019 Special > Special > 포토뉴스


[Photo News] International Visitors at Hanyang University

Meeting the 2019 Hanyang International Summer School (HISS) students


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As the hot summer took hold, roughly 2,000 students from 54 countries knocked on the doors of Hanyang University. The 2019 Hanyang International Summer School (HISS) that began on July 1st will run for 4 weeks, until the 26th. We picked up our camera and captured their grand entrance.
▲A student wearing a traditional Chinese qipao is crossing in front of the Administration Building holding a HISS printed eco bag.
▲Sofia Lee (Majoring in Media, left) from Cornell University and Claudia Blanco (Majoring in Media) are doing an assignment for their International Advertising and Communication course in the 1st floor café of Hanyang Cyber University.
▲Sun Lu (孙露, left) and Jang Min (张闽, Majoring in Business Administration) said, "We chose Hanyang University for international summer school as there is a wide spectrum of courses to choose from.”
▲A couple from the National University of Singapore is posing with heart-shaped fingers.
▲Students from Singapore Nanyang Technological University are happily having a conversation while enjoying dinner at the Haengwon Park restaurant on campus.
▲ Students are excitedly participating in the Korean Language 3 (Intermediate) course that is held at 6 p.m. in the International Building.

Students participating in HISS have found their way to us. You may have simply passed by these visitors who came from all across the globe. The next time you see them, give them a warm smile and a friendly wave. Let's welcome them with open hearts and minds!
A person coming is indeed, an enormous thing.
He comes with his past, present
And his future.
A person’s lifetime comes with him.

So, broken on the way,
The heart comes- that thread,
The heart that wind might trace.

If my heart imitates such wind,
It will in the end be a friendly reception.

Jung Hyun-jong, 「Visitor」

Article, Photo by Lee Hyeon-seon
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