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03/30/2020 Special > Special Important News


Hanyangians Fighting Against Coronavirus

Professors, alumni, and students of Hanyang contributing to the combat against coronavirus


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Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, said “Coronavirus is the biggest challenge since WW2.” The coronavirus crisis continues to put the world in fear with force corresponding to that of war. As of March 30, the number of confirmed patients in South Korea has reached 9,583, nearing 10,000. Confronted by a pandemic, many Hanyangians have been endeavoring in their own ways to combat the disease for a safer tomorrow.


Kang Bo-seung (Department of Emergency Medicine) set an exemplary case of stopping the infection in hospitals. During his work at Hanyang University Guri Hospital, a patient was sent to the emergency room for a fever. He was not tested for the coronavirus because he had no record of visiting China. Kang questioned him further and learned that the patient had been in contact with Chinese people in a conference he attended. The patient was later confirmed as the 17th confirmed case. Had it not been for Kang ’s persistent inquiry, the 17th confirmed patient could have been allowed access to the emergency room and the vulnerable patients inside would have been presented with serious danger.
Kang Bo-seung (Department of Emergency Medicine) was able to stop the spread of the disease in the emergency room with wise inquiries.

Jung Jae-yoon (Department of Organic and Nano Engineering) is also helping to combat the disease by giving away an antibacterial fabric-rinsing solution he made for the students. By adding 2.5 percent of the bottled solution into the washing machine with fabric softeners, it can kill 99.9% of the germs on the fabric, repressing the spread of disease. The antibacterial solution was given out in front of the campus restaurant. They ran out of stock in no time.

Antibacterial Rinsing Solution distributed by Jung Jae-yoon (Department of Organic and Nano Engineering) to Hanyang University students.


Kim Il-doo (Ph.D. in the Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, ‘95), currently a professor at KAIST, gained enormous attention for his nano-textile mask. With masks running out of stock, there was an increasing need to make disposable masks reusable for a length of time. Kim invented masks that can be laundered and reused for up to a month. While the original masks use static electricity to filter out the fine particles and loses its electricity over a day’s use, nano masks only use nano textiles to block out particles. This way, they do not need to be changed often. The masks are awaiting approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to be commercialized.

The Mask made by Kim Il-doo is reusable for a month.
(Photo courtesy of KAIST)

Meanwhile, Kim Jin-yong (M.S. in the Graduate School of Public health, N/A) was drew acclaim from around the world for proposing a drive-thru test facility. This diagnosis process is inexpensive and extremely time-saving, reducing the 20 to 30-minute process to just 10 minutes. On top of that, it minimizes contact between patients and the medical team. The idea was officially noted by President Trump and introduced into the U.S.

Drive-thru diagnosis process currently being held in Goyang-si.
(Photo courtesy of Joong-Ang Ilbo)


Students of Hanyang University have also been making efforts against the crisis. Four students in the Department of Policy Studies started a fundraiser to donate urgently needed medical supplies in the name of Hanyang students. They initially planned to raise 2 million won. The goal was met within an hour, and within days, they were able to raise 22 million won which was donated to coronavirus-related charities. 
From the left, Kim Do-young, Shin Hyo-jung, Park Eun-bin, and Jo Sung-jae. The four Department of Policy Studies students organized a Hanyang fundraiser, raising 22 million won.

Kim Ji-hoo (Department of Computer Science, Master’s program) created a coronavirus dataset. The dataset analyzes the various data related to the spread of the coronavirus which has been referenced by many data scientists around the world as the basis for predicting the virus’ future spread. He has remodeled all the information presented by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) to visualize, analyze, and predict the coronavirus networks. The system is currently being observed positively by many countries, with France even having their dataset based on Kim’s program.

Kim Ji-hoo (Department of Computer Science, Master’s program) created a coronavirus dataset.

Adversities have the power to bring people together. Professors, alumni, and students of Hanyang are coming together to fight the pandemic. 

Lee Yoon-seo
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