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12/06/2018 HYU News > Student


Hanyang University student Khishgee Boldsukh will become a Korean national

Swishing three-pointers as a Korean with Korean nationality. Swish! Nothing but net!


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Pictured above is Hanyang student Khishgee Boldsukh.
(Photo courtesy of Kyunghyang Shinmun )

Mongolian national, Khishgee Boldsukh (Physical Education 18) is currently building his hopes of becoming a national player for the basketball club of Hanyang University. He has been in Korea for 10 years and has passed the naturalization test to acquire Korean nationality under the name, "Lee Keun-hwi" at the end of this month. He was living with his grandmother in Mongolia, but when she passed away, he legally moved to Korea with an F-3 visa in 2009.

He has been interested in basketball since his childhood. After entering the school in Saehwa Elementary School in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, that is when is initial love for basketball began on the school yard playgrounds hooping it up with friends. Afterwards, as a basketball player at Pallyong Middle School and Masan High School in Changwon, he played hard by scoring double digit points in each game. Last year, only 40 high school basketball players from Korea participated in the Korea Basketball League (KBL) Youth Elite Camp, where special training is given by outstanding coaches in Korea.
However, he has also faced many hardships along the way. He could not participate on the court because he was a foreigner at the National Youth Sports Festival and the National Sports Festival because only athletes with Korean nationality can play in these competitions. Not having had physical training experience, he also had a hard time getting into a college athletic program. Also, his injuries were not covered by insurance, making it more costly to treat them. Nevertheless, Khishgee Boldsukh did not give up. To mark the Taegeuk symbol, he entered the department of physical education at Hanyang University this month through a special admission exam. Seeing the growth potential of Boldsukh, Hanyang helped him enter the university. With the height of 18cm and a weight of 87kg, he possesses quick feet and long-range shooting ability. Jung Jae-hoon, the director of the Hanyang University basketball team said, "he has range and accuracy shooting from long distances."

Concluding a long journey of hoop dreams to Korean nationality, Khishgee Boldsukh stated, "I am interested in domestic basketball, and I will achieve my dream."
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