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11/13/2019 HYU News > Student > 수상


Hanyang Student Team 'HYMEC ' Became Winner of the Minister Prize at the 2019 R-BIZ Challenge

First place in Hyundai Robotics Robot Marketing Competition


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A team of HYMEC students from Hanyang University's Department of Robotics won the Minister of Trade and the Industry and Energy awards at the 2019 R-BIZ (Robot-Business, Idea, Zest) challenge by taking first place in the marketing strategy mission phase, hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and the Daegu Metropolitan City, and co-hosted by the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement and the Korea Association of Robot Industry.

The 2019 R-BIZ Challenge, held for two days from November 7th at the Daegu Expo, is a robot commercialization idea competition that utilizes locally developed robot parts and products to discover business ideas and marketing strategies. The competition was organized into five categories: △ZERO Mission Challenge for Zeus Industrial Robot, △ROBOTIS Open Manipulator Challenge, △Robo3 Open Platform Self-driving Control Mission Challenge, △Robolink Cordon Self-driving Collaboration Mission, and the △Hyundai Robotics Marketing Competition.
The HYMEC team, consisting of students Jeong Seok-hoon (2016’), Oh Min-young (2015’), and Song Ji-yu (2015’) from Hanyang University ERICA Campus' Department of Robotics received the best score after presenting with the theme, "SARO-Store task assistant robot targeting fashion outlets’ in the event titled ‘Hyundai Robotics Robot Marketing Competition.’ The Hyundai Robotics Robot Marketing Competition event is a marketing mission that proposes ideas and marketing strategies on how to apply the new mobile robots planned to be launched by Hyundai Robotics in the real marketplace. For effective promotion, the company carried out missions, such as brand naming of mobile robots, discovering areas for application of mobile robots, and expanding the use of robots. The HYMEC team, who topped the event, was awarded the Minister of Trade Award, the Industry and Energy Award, and 3 million won in prize money.

The Hanyang Global News Team    -
*WIth translation by Kim Hyun-soo
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