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05/12/2020 HYU News > Student


Hanyang Hope Begins a Campaign to Recommend Remote Volunteer Activities

Volunteer activities led by Hanyang Hope members…recommendations for remote volunteer activities are uploaded weekly on Hanyang Hope’s social media

Global News Team

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In order to actualize Hanyang University’s principle, Love in Deed and Truth, Hanyang Hope, a student community service group affiliated with Hanyang Volunteer Corps, launched a campaign on April 23rd to introduce remote volunteer activities that can be done under the current circumstances of COVID-19.

Hanyang Hope organized the Relay Volunteer Campaign to let the students know that even while they are taking distance-learning classes online due to COVID-19, they can still continue to practice the principle of Love in Deed and Truth even while they are spending more time at home. The purpose of this campaign is to encourage students to practice social distancing while also promoting volunteer work that narrows emotional distance.

For this campaign, the student members of Hanyang Hope first practiced the remote volunteer activity on their own, wrote a review and instructions on how other students could participate in the same activity, and encouraged many other Hanyang University students to do the same. Remote volunteer activity relays and activity recommendation posts will be continuously uploaded through Hanyang Hope’s social media every week.

So far, the remote volunteer activities that have been introduced by the community service group thus far include the "Stay strong, Korea" campaign that sends a message of encouragement to medical staff all over South Korea, a knowledge-sharing volunteer activity through the portal website Naver KnowledgeiN, "Remote Hyodream Volunteer Activities" which involve participants' hanging bags of daily necessities in residential areas of the elderly that live alone, and much more.

Meanwhile, Hanyang Hope consists of a group of scholarship students with strong spirits for serving others and strong leadership skills that are affiliated with the university’s community service group, Hanyang Volunteer Corps. In order to actualize the university’s founding principle, Love in Deed and Truth, Hanyang Hope develops and plans various programs to carry out activities to promote various volunteer activities to the students through continuous community service activities and promotes the culture of volunteering.

Further information regarding remote volunteer activities and Hanyang Hope can be found through their Instagram, Facebook, and the university’s page on the app, Everytime.

▲ Photos from "Remote Hyodream Volunteer Activities" (Source: Hanyang Hope’s Instagram)

▶Hanyang Hope (Students)’s Facebook Page
▶Hanyang Hope (Students)’s Instagram Page

Global News Team
Translation by: Lee Jung-joo

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