• Female dorm(Current Student DormitoryⅠ) built
  • Production Management Graduate School approved
  • Electronic Engineering Major in College in Engineering Science enlarges entrance quota from 100 to 130
  • Production Management Graduate School established - entrance quota 90 students(management development engineering major, business major, industrial design major)
  • 5th Executive Vice President Dr. Moon Se-gi took office
  • College of Design Workroom(Current Design Culture Hall) built
  • Life Science Research Center established as an Auxiliary Institution
  • Paiknam Academic Library built
  • Development Engineering Research Center established as an Auxiliary Institution
  • ROTC building (pulled down in 2005) built
  • Electronic Engineering major in College of Engineering enlarges entrance quota by 40- Electronic Engineering(70), Electronic Computer Science(120), Control and Measurement Engineering(70)
  • 6th Executive Vice President Dr. Mang Sun-jae took office
  • Production Management Graduate School renamed as Industrial Management Graduate School
  • Department of Industrial Art renamed as Department of Industrial Design
  • Earthquake Research Center Established
  • Ansan Campus Vice President of Planning established
  • Department of Civil Engineering renamed as Department of Civil Environmental Engineering
  • Ansan Social Volunteer Corps established
  • Social Education Center approved and established(545 students)
  • 5 majors in College of Business and Economics(Economics, Business, Trade, Accounting, Insurance Management) integrated into Department of Business and Economics
  • MBA course established
  • Social Volunteer classes established
  • Student Welfare Building built
  • Production Engineering Research Center renamed into Engineering Technology Research Center
  • 5 majors in College of Natural Science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Earth & Marine Science) combined into Department of Natural Science
  • 4 departments in College of Engineering(electronic, electric calculation, electric, control & measurement) combined as Electricity·Computer·Electronic, Control & Measurement Department
  • 2 majors of College of Physical Education(Physical Education, Match Coaching) combined as Department of Physical Education and Match
  • Electric Materials and Component Research Center established
  • Digital Economy Research Institute established
  • Engineering Building Ⅲ built
  • College of Social Sciences renamed as College of Communication & Social Sciences, College of Industrial Art renamed as College of Design , College of Physical Education renamed as College of Physical Education and Science
  • 3 majors in College of Communication & Social Sciences (Social studies, News and Broadcasting, Advertisement & Public Relations) combined as Media ·Advertising·Social Studies Department
  • 2 majors in College of Liberal Art (Korean, Cultural Humanity) combined into Humanities Department, 5 majors(Chinese, Japanese, English, German, French) combined into Foreign Culture and Language Department
  • 2 majors in College of Design(Industrial Design, Art Craft) combined to Department of Design
  • Physical Education·Match Department in College of Physical Education renamed as Department of Life Sports
  • 7th Executive Vice President Dr. Paek Bong-ho took office
  • Ansan Cyber Park opened
  • Gigantic Structural system Center Laboratory built
  • Electronic Material and Component Research Center Industry-University Cooperation Hall opened
  • Industrial Art Research Center renamed into Future Design Research Center
  • Ansan Student Office renamed to Office of Student Welfare
  • Electronic Calculation Center upgraded to Informational Communication Center
  • Environment Analysis Center approved
  • Social Education Center reorganized from auxiliary institution to affiliated institution
  • Student Service Center opened
  • Semiconductor Design Education Regional Center opened
  • College of Law and Department of law abolished(enlarged the number of department quota in Seoul Campus)
  • Established night courses in College of Design(120 students in Modular Art Department). Established Package Design, Engineering Design, Fiber Design, Jewelry Design major(30 students each)
  • Dance Department in College of Physical Education and Science renamed into Department of Dance & Well-Being
  • Science Institute of Technology established (Bio science Research Center, Earthquake Research Center and Environment Analysis Center were combined)
  • Start-up Support Center established
  • Library renamed to Ansan Academic Information Center & Library
  • Ansan Academic Information Visual Resource Center opened
  • Visual-Auditory Education Center renamed into Educational Media Center
  • Ansan Techno-Park opened
  • Engineering Building Ⅳ built
  • Architecture, Civil Environmental Engineering, Traffic Engineering major in College of Engineering Science combined into Department of Construction & Transportation Engineering
  • Department of Metallurgy & Materials Engineering and Chemical Engineering in College of Engineering Science integrated into Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering major in College of Engineering Science combined into Industrial Mechanical Engineering Department
  • Electronic·Computer·Electric·Control Measurement Department of College of Engineering Science renamed to Department of Electrical Computer Engineering
  • Office of Academic Affairs and Research changed into Faculty Affairs, Academic Affairs, Teaching Affairs Office
  • Student Welfare Center reorganized into Employment, Student Support, Student Service Center
  • Secretarial Office reorganized into General Affairs, Maintenance, Facility, Academic Material, A/S Office
  • Design Building Ⅱ (Current Design Education Building) built
  • Research Institute of Cultural Heritage established
  • Renamed Startup Support Center into Business Incubator Center
  • 20th University Founding Anniversary held
  • Student Dormitory Ⅲ opened
  • Internet Business Launching Nurture Center established
  • Ansan Techno-Park Support Center established
  • Social Information Research Center established