Universities with Partnerships

76 countries / 777 institutions (as of 2018)

International Exchanges 

Hanyang University has signed an academic exchange agreements with 777  overseas institutions in 76 countries, and actively conducting various international exchange activities. Hanyang University supports all Hanyang members to help them become a global leader by exchanging foreign professors and students, teaching advanced knowledge and culture, spreading our research and science technology in the world.

International Outbound Programs

Hanyang University provides various types of overseas programs for students, aiming students to broaden their perspectives and being equipped with foreign language abilities. Hanyang strives to support our talented individuals through dispatching exchange students and IT trainees to foreign countries, providing internship programs, recognizing credits for exchange students, and providing overseas education programs for graduates.

Inbound Programs for Foreign Students

Hanyang University's Student Exchange Program yearly receives over 1200 students from our partner universities across the globe. During the semesters both campuses are multicultural mixture of students from all over the world. Students can receive world-class education in a true international environment. Currently, more than 6700 students (including 3000 degree-seeking students) are studying at Hanyang University.

Global 3.0 Project Connects the World

 ‘Global 3.0 Program’ explores internationalization in the areas of education, research and industry
cooperation. This project was induced to make Hanyang a prestigious university at a global level.
Hanyang has established a center for business start-ups in Shanghai, New-York, and San Jose and
actively supports students studying abroad. On the other hand, Hanyang is gradually increasing internship opportunities for Korean students.