Character Mark

The Hanyang Character Mark is the representative symbol of Hanyang University’s visual image, both internally and externally. In particular, it has been used as an character that indicates the tradition and pride of the university by being used in school banners, student supplies, and souvenirs and representative images of Hanyang University.


Signature Mark

The ‘Signature’ mark is the combination of character marks and logo of Hanyang University that can be applied differently depending on the situation,space, layout, etc. It was developed by combining ‘HANYANG UNIVERSITY’ letter vertically or horizontally. Proportions, size or spacing must be exactly comply with the proposed standards and can not be modified arbitrarily.

Color System

The character mark is produced in Hanyang Blue color, and considering use of color as means of brand marketing, it requires compliance when it comes to its usage. It is important to use consistent image formation even in the background color. To avoid distortion of its image, users must comply with the following provisions of the colors.

캐릭터 컬러 시스템 이미지


Hylion is a character symbol of Hanyang’s representative animal, lion, and its name came from the combination of a word ‘Hanyang’ and ‘Lion’