Hanyang’s Leading and Innovative

As exemplified by our history, Hanyang has been at the forefront of our nation’s rise to prominence in the world. Our list of firsts will continue; so will the list of our unique and bold endeavors for innovation.


  • 1994Established Volunteer Corps, creation of accredited volunteer courses
  • 2003Established Industry-University Cooperation Foundation
  • 2008Founded the technology holdings company, ‘HYU Holdings’
  • 2012Established Alumni Social Volunteer Corps

Student-Centered Admissions System

We were the first to launch a student-centered admissions system in the nation, being mindful of the applicant’s convenience. Full disclosure of all admissions information, student identification systems and the online mock essay test are some of the specialized features of the rigorous entrance examination system of Hanyang University.

Volunteer Corps

Hanyang University established volunteer corps for the first time in 1994 and set up alumni socia volunteer corps in 2012. In addition, Hanyang operates ‘Philanthropy’ liberal arts course for the first time among universities nationwide. As a result, Hanyang is practicing its founding spirit “Love in Deed and Truth” and trying to fulfill the social responsibility of the university.

Hanyang Human Resource Development Institute

Hanyang Human Resource Development Institute was the first of its kind to be established in 2014 with the goal of training competent professionals with practical skills that are sought after by today’s employers. The institute provides students with career counseling services, and also prepares them for employment, entrepreneurship and global leadership. Such skills will complement students’ professional skills, ultimately making their technical skills even stronger.

Hanyang Startup Lounge & Support Center of Alumni Entrepreneurs

We were the first in the nation to create a support system for entrepreneurial endeavors. For students of establishment support, following the establishment of the first Global Entrepreneur Center in 2009, in 2015, Hanyang University established Support Center of Alumni Entrepreneurs to excavate and nurture promising startup companies to small hidden champions.

  • Winning 6 awards

    Winning 6 awards

    of government funded projects
  • Department of Actuarial Science

    Department of Actuarial Science

    in ERICA Campus
  • Philanthropy 아이콘


    Open charity course

Industry-University Cooperation Foundation

We are the first university in the nation to establish an Industry-University Cooperation Foundation in 2003. Its purpose was to establish an organized program for cooperative research between universities and businesses. It has created a new model of cooperative research with industrial partners, in which both parties can reap substantial benefits.

6 Awards of Government Funded Projects

Hanyang University received 6 awards for major government funded projects. Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC) project, Advancement of College Education (ACE) project, University for Creative Korea (CK) project, Brain Korea 21+ (BK21+) project, Normalization of High School Education Contribution College Support project are those, and Hanyang was also selected as host university by small and medium sized enterprises center.

Mandatory Internships

First implemented in 2013, internships has been added to the list of graduation requirements for all Hanyang students. Hanyang University has established agreements with more than 160 medium-sized companies to provide students with opportunities for hands-on experience.

Biomedical Research Among the Nation’s Top Centers

Hanyang University Medical Center specializes in the field of Biomedical Science. Also, HYU Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases is the only one of its kind in Korea. The Future Robotic Surgical Systems Development Center is designated as surgical robot research institute by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, leading the next-generation medical technology system.