Technology Holdings Company


  • Commercializing Hanyang’s superb technology
  • Facilitating technology commercialization through Industry-University Cooperation
  • Creating virtuous circulation by investing profit into education and research
  • Contributing to nation’s industry development through industry-university cooperation


실험실 창업 개념
Existing Business Model Commercialization through Holding’s Company
R&D through industry-university cooperation Direct investment & commercialization
Technology transfer/foundation support Active commercialization model
Entrepreneurial lab/university owned business Support every steps for commercialization process
기술사업화 설명

Related Laws

Promotion of Industrial Education and Industry Academic Cooperation Act (Enforced Feb.08)

Seoul Campus

[ Details ]
  • -Company Name :  HYU Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • -Representative : Lee Byung-hee
  • -Date of establishment : Sep.05.2008 (first in nation)
  • -Stockholder : 100% by Hanyang University Industry-University Foundation
  • -Mutual investment company : ㈜트란소노, ㈜크레스타, ㈜크린컴, ㈜오메가퀀트아시아, ㈜플립, ㈜이더블유비엠, ㈜에이치앤에너테크, ㈜에코메트론, ㈜하이코어, ㈜에이엠씨에너지, 네스트필드㈜, ㈜유진바이오텍, ㈜아이티원, ㈜버추얼무브먼트, ㈜아스크스토리에이치씨
  • -Location: 서울시 성동구 행당동 17번지 한양대학교 HIT 512호
  • -Tel/Fax: 02-2220-4070~4074 / 02-6442-4070

ERICA Campus

[ Details ]
  • -Company Name: HYU ERICA Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • -Representative: Kim Woo-seong
  • -Date of establishment: Aug.26.2013
  • -Stockholder: 100% by Hanyang University Industry-University Foundation
  • -Mutual investment company: (주)에스엠나노바이오
  • -Location: 경기도 안산시 한양대학로 55, 창업보육센터 218호
  • -Tel/Fax: 031-400-4983