Guide for using school buses

1. The school bus service is in the middle of the semester (no service during vacation) and does not operate every Monday through Friday (five days a week) during weekdays.
2. The school bus route and time may be changed or closed depending on circumstances.
3. School buses may not arrive in time for class, so students should use appropriate means of transportation to commute to school. We will not be responsible for any loss of class due to delayed arrival time.

4. How to Use

Guide for using school buses
service charge Payment method (cash) Departure time (off)
2,000 won for general routes
2,000 won for ilsan city

go to school: When you get off
go home: When you get a ticket

7:40 (Line A to D) Main Building

shuttle bus guide

1. The shuttle bus is a means of transportation that connects ERICA Campus (Shuttle Cock), Handaejeon Station (Line 4), and the Artist APT (Intercity Bus Terminal).
   All school members are free to use.
2. Operating routes
   가. ERICA Residence Hall↔Handaeap Station
   나. ERICA Residence Hall↔Artist APT
   다. Circular bus: ERICA Residence Hall (base), shuttlecock, station in front of Handaegu, artist APT, shuttlecock, ERICA Residence Hall (end point)

Inquiry Guide

● Sudo tourism Co., Ltd.: School shuttle bus inquiry 82-31-4412, FAX) 82-31-4466.
● Vehicle manager of the General Affairs Personnel Team: 82-31-4411, 4406