• In response to the demands of our times, Hanyang University  has been making various efforts to empower our people to serve societies. The Center for Continuing Education has been established to develop and realize one’s potential to the fullest and make valuable contributions to our communities. The center develops quality training programs in a variety of specialized fields, professional, degree and non-degree, and child care training courses.
    ◎  Degree Course (Korea’s academic credit bank system)
        - Architectural Engineering, Visual Design, Practical Music, Science of Public Administration, Pedology, Dance, Business Administration, Physical Education, and more.
    ◎  Child Care Training Course
        - Secondary, tertiary courses
    ◎  Professional Studies
        - Certification, general, special courses, professional courses, and more.
    ※ For courses and enrollment consultation, please refer to the website.

<Center for Continuing Education >

  • URL : http://cce.hanyang.ac.kr
  • TEL : +82-2-2220-1522,3
  • FAX : +82-2-2220-4524
  • Weekdays/Saturday : 9:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM
  • Location : 1st floor, International Building (Room 11-113)