• Hanyang University established the Institute for Future Talents in 1987 to provide a place for lifelong education that helps students realize how they can best meet the demands of the times. Thus far, Hanyang University’s Institute for Future Talents has made efforts to make the most of the university’s facilities and manpower to contribute to helping each individual develop their potential and to improve their vocational and social adaptability based on practicality and the institute’s expertise in education. Hanyang University’s Institute for Future Talents develops and operates high-quality educational programs for self-development and includes core learning contents that are needed for each specialized field, focusing on each individual’s degree and competencies.
    The institute will do its best to provide educational and administrative support so that the students’ hearts and footsteps to finding their true selves will be light and joyful. Professors at Hanyang University, the excellent guest lecturers, and the director and staff of the Institute for Future Talents will always be with the students on their path of learning.
    ◎  Degree courses (Course Credit Banking System)
        - Architectural Engineering, Visual Design, Applied Music, Public Administration, Dance, Business Administration, Physical Education, Elective Courses, and more
    ◎  Competency courses
        - Certifications, General and Special Courses, Specialized Professional Courses, and more
    ※ Please refer to the website for counseling in regard to course registration and admissions.

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  • URL : http://mirae.hanyang.ac.kr
  • TEL : 82-2-2220-4521
  • FAX : 82-2-2220-4524
  • Weekdays/Saturdays: 9AM ~ 18PM
  • International Building, 1st Floor (Room 11-113)