Tuition/Payment (for foreign students)

Tuition/Payment (for foreign students)
Categories Tuition and insurance
Payment method Log in to the same page you checked your admission result ( and print out the tuition bill. Go to the designated bank and make the payment or remit the amount to your own virtual account. (Tuition bill may be printed out in Korean, English or Chinese)
After Payment Those residing in Korea:
Visit Office of International Affairs with tuition and insurance payment receipt to receive Certificate of admission. Next, attend orientation.
Those residing overseas:
After tuition payment, Hanyang University will register for Confirmation of visa issuance and send the visa issuance number when issued. Student needs to go to the local Korean embassy or consulate with passport and visa issuance number for visa. (Please check with the local Korean embassy or consulate for additional required documents).
Overseas Bank Transfer Information Name of Bank: SHINHAN BANK (SHB)
Account number: Your own account number on the tuition bill
Branch name: Hanyang University Branch
Bank address: Shinhan Bank, Hanyang Univ. branch, Haengdang-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
Recipient: Hanyang University
Swift code: SHBKKRSE
- All transaction fees are to be covered by student’s expenses.
- In preparation for under payment, please deposit 30 US dollars in addition. (Student must pay more afterwards in case the payment is lacking and will receive refund after admission if over paid)

Students who meet the acceptance condition for the Korean language will be issued with Certificate of Admission for study visa (D-2). Out of those students who do not meet the acceptance condition, those who are applicants for Hanyang Institute of International Education will be issued with Certificate of Admission for general training visa (D-4). For the rest of applicants of other language institute, please request individually for Visa.

Be Noted

  • If you do not pay tuition during the payment period, your admission will be forfeited.
  • Transaction fees should be paid by the student.
  • If international students cancel their registration or receive refunds of their tuition, the Immigrations Office will be notified and the student’s VISA will be revoked.
    ※ Insurance Fee (130,000 Korean Won for one year)
    • International students must be insured. You should pay insurance fee with tuition and admission fee. Those who already hold health insurance need to submit a copy of insurance certificate to the Office of International Affairs and receive refund after. Please note that you may pay a huge amount for medical care if you are not insured. If you decide to leave Korea due to leave of absence or drop out of school before the insurance expires, you can get refund for the remaining days.
    • Those who already hold health insurance, please submit a copy of insurance certificate by 2016.8.19(Fri). Those who fail to submit the copy of insurance certificate by due date may not be able receive the refund.
    • Refund will be made within September, 2016 for those who submit the copy of insurance certificate.