Nurturing Global Leaders
Cooperation Foundation

  • The Industry-University-Research Cooperation Foundation fosters global practical talent and contributes to the creation of an ecosystem for industrial-academic cooperation by expanding convergence education and creative research. Through providing systematic R&D curriculum, global-level start-up programs, and experiences in connecting various institutions, we are promoting global practical research to nurture practical talents and provide useful value to the human society based on convergence research among multidisciplinary disciplines.
  • In addition, the foundation leads outstanding research models based on the capabilities and infrastructure of the best technology transfer and commercialization of Korean universities, including technology transfer performance and know-how, technology holdings company system, and industry cooperation personnel system. Based on these capabilities and philosophies, HYU is committed to creating a new model of an industry-university cooperation ecosystem that combines businesses, research institutes, government and local governments to help enhance national industrial competitiveness.
eoul Industry-University-Research Cooperation Foundation
Seoul Industry-University-Research Cooperation Foundation ERICA Industry-University-Research Cooperation Foundation
Date of Establishment Mar 1, 2004
51 staff / 281 researchers
(as of Jun.2015)
Date of Establishment Nov 29, 2011
37 staff / 117 researchers
(as of Apr. 2016)
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