Hello and Welcome to
Hanyang University

It is my goal to cultivate talented individuals with a global mindset who are of the right character in order to make it a world class university that is based on education and research that can lead the future.

Universities are facing unprecedented changes and challenges. From absolute threats, such as the rapid decline in the school age population and financial difficulties, to changes in the education system required in the digital age, and advanced information and communication technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data, and mobile are converging across the economy and society and are pressing for a change in the education paradigm. In addition, global competition with world-class universities is accelerating, and the gap between those universities is widening.

Change and challenge have always been the driving force of our university. As the demands and challenges of change increase, we have proactively responded by leading in dynamic innovations to make rapid progress. We must inherit the tradition of Hanyang, which has led practical academic trends, industry-academic cooperation, and educational innovation, and create a creative dynamic of flexible and open practicality that can lead the future society.

The spirit that has sustained and led to the 80-year history of Hanyang is ‘Love in Deed and Truth.’ The history of our Hanyang education was a history of nurturing the practitioners of this motto. ‘Love in Deed and Truth’ is the core value of what makes Hanyang University what it is.

We are going to make it possible in realizing the education that only Hanyang can achieve. Hanyang will enhance and diversify the industry-academic cooperation based on practical academics that Hanyang has been successfully accomplishing. Thus, we will realize Hanyang's practical academy through communication with society through the industry-academic cooperation and research innovation.

We will realize the future of Hanyang with sincerity through sustainable innovation. Sustainability must be secured with sincerity, and sustainability must be evaluated as a genuine effort. We will also strive to create a happy campus where university members are respected with empathy and communication.

Woo-Seung Kim
President, Hanyang University
Woo-Seung Kim