School Flower

Forsythia does not mind where it must set its roots whether in sandy, watery, or fertile soil, for it can rest peacefully and be satisfied anywhere.

The blossoms of early spring will tell you before anything else that the warmer and hopeful world is at hand. The Forsythia is not gorgeous, but likes to grow and lives harmoniously with its neighbors, by which it tries to make the world a most beautiful and harmonious garden. Therefore, it is considered to most resemble the people who are diligent, voluntary, modest and devoted. Thus, it is the flower best fitted for the spirit of “Love in Deed and Truth”.

School Animal

A lion is strong, dignified and brave, but does not resort to force.

It does not make light of the weak, making every effort to hunt the weakest rabbit. It does not kill animals when not necessary, which is the proof showing that true courage is closely connected with tolerance. In this way, it represents the people eligible and qualified for great work, and symbolizes the courageous Hanyangians who try to open up their own world.

School Bird
校鳥 비둘기

A dove is a traditional symbol of love and order.

It always lives in groups, teaching us the real meaning of peace. The bird hates war and does not try to rule others by force. Without strong talons and keen eyes, a dove shows stronger power and adaptability than eagles do. A dove symbolizes Hanyangians’ pure dignity, and will be the best school bird to fulfill our founding philosophy of “Love in Deed and Truth”.