• College of Liberal Arts was renamed to College of Languages & Cultures
  • Department of Foreign Culture & Language was reorganized as Department of Eastern Culture & Language (120), Department of English Culture & Language(110), and Department of European Culture & Language(80)
  • Department of Modular Design was reorganized as Department of Design
  • Department of Design was reorganized as Metal Design major, Fiber Design major, Industrial Design major, Graphic Package Design major and Image Design major
  • Department of Modular Design (evening course) was abolished
  • 8th Executive Vice President Dr. Yoo Suk-gu took office
  • Second construction of Science Technology Building completed
  • Construction of Ansan Academic Information Building 2nd enlargement completed
  • Ansan Campus 21st anniversary ceremony held
  • Construction of Natural Science Building 2 (Current Science & Technology Hall) completed
  • Construction of Architectural Design Hall completed
  • Advanced Highway Research Center opened
  • Construction of Business Incubator Center completed
  • Ansan Environment Technology Development Center opened
  • Center for Business Incubation was newly established
  • Office of Academic Affairs was reorganized as Team of Faculty Affairs, Team of Academic Affairs and Team of Teaching
  • Office of Student Affairs was reorganized as Student Support Team, Scholarship and Welfare Team and Employment Support Team
  • Office of General Affairs Management was reorganized as Team of General Affairs & Human Resources, Team of Maintenance, and Team of Facility
  • Office of Strategy and Finance, Strategic PR Team newly established
  • Student Service Center renamed as Hanyang Service Center and reorganized as a direct institution of Executive Vice President
  • Graduate School of Design (30) was newly established
  • Department of Architecture newly established
  • Department of Mechanical Industrial Engineering reorganized as Department of Mechanical Information and Department of Management Engineering
  • Mechanical Industrial Engineering renamed into Mechanical·Information Management Engineering. Operated Mechanical Engineering Major and Informational Management Engineering major
  • Department of Construction Traffic Engineering reorganized as Architectural Environmental System Engineering major and Traffic System Engineering major
  • College of Natural Science renamed as College of Science and Convergence Technology
  • Department of Natural Science renamed as Department of Science and Convergence Technology
  • Department of Science Technology reorganized as Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular BIology, Earth & Marine Science Major
  • College of Business and Economics renamed as College of Digital Economics and Business
  • Department of Economics renamed as Department of Digital Economics. Department of Business renamed as Department of Digital Business
  • Shuttle Bus Stop for Hanyang University, at Ansan Station newly established
  • 1st Social Volunteer work Team After Report Competition held(ran every April from then)
  • Construction of Media Information Building completed
  • Construction of Automobile Management and Wastewater Management Center completed
  • Micro Bio-chip Research Center opened
  • Construction of Lion’s Lake completed
  • Department of Media· Advertising·Social Sciences reorganized as Department of Advertising, Department of News & Social Information Broadcast
  • Department of News & Social Information Broadcast reorganized as Broadcasting Major and Informational Social studies major
  • Fiber Fashion Design major, Metal Design major and Industrial Design major of Graduate School of Design combined and reorganized as Department of Design
  • Graduate School of Design(45) IT Design major newly established
  • Industry-University Technology Cooperation Center newly established
  • Construction of Parking lot completed in front of Paiknam Library, and the Tennis court moved
  • Extension construction of Engineering Building 2 1st floor(5th floor) completed
  • Enlarging construction of Dance Hall of Practical Physical Activity & Science College completed
  • Entrance quota of Department of Electronic Computer Engineering of College of Engineering decreased by 30
  • Department of Design College-Design entrance quota increased by
  • Construction of Hydraulic Experiment Hall, Accelerated Pavement Experiment Halll completed
  • Extension Construction of Hydraulic Experiment Hall, golf course completed
  • Production Engineering major of Industrial Management Graduate School is reorganized as Architecture major, Construction Engineering major, Industrial Engineering major
  • Computer, New Material Technology, Electronic Engineering majors are abolished
  • Department of French Language and Literature renamed as French Language and Culture major
  • Department of New Material Chemistry renamed to Advanced Chemistry Major
  • Construction of Kyounggi Techno-Park completed
  • Construction of Head Quarter Seat of Track and Field completed
  • 9th Executive Vice President Dr. Kim Su-sam took office
  • 24th Anniversary Ceremony of Ansan Campus broadcasted on TV Live
  • Selected as Specialized Education Institute of 2003 by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources
  • Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Robot Research Team newly established
  • Industry-University Cluster Business Unit newly established
  • Department of Molecular BioScience(50) newly established
  • Department of Asian Language & Culture renamed as Department of Chinese Language & Culture(70), Department Japanese Language & Culture (50)
  • Cultural Contents major newly established in Department of Humanities
  • reorganized as Visual Package Design major in College of Design into Major in Graphic Package Design
  • Social Volunteer work Team launched 1st Beautiful Sharing Market(launched every May since)
  • Construction of Natural Science Antiquity Exhibition and Ecological Park completed
  • Construction of Western Gate completed
  • Construction of Electric wave building in Industrial Technology Testing Center at Ansan research center completed
  • Construction of Shuttle Bus stop and Lounge (Shuttlecock) completed
  • Selected as the only ‘Industry-University Cooperation Centered university Nurturing Business’ in Capital Region(Seoul, Kyung-gi, Incheon) by Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy, Ministry of Education and Human Resources and Presidential Committee on Balanced National Development
  • Academic Affair Team in Office of Academic Affair reorganized as Office of Academic Affairs & Admission. Team of Information Communicating System Education Support reorganized as IT Support Team in Office of Information and Communications Technology Services
  • Enlargement Construction of Gym completed(826.5m2 on 3rd floor)
  • Received the Prime Minister award in Regional Innovation Case of University Sector
  • College of Digital Economy and Digital Business Department of Digital Economy & Business renamed as Department of Economics and Department of Business of College of Business
  • Electronic, Electric Engineering major was separated to Electronic and Communication Engineering major and, Electronic Information System Engineering major
  • Department of Advertisement Creation was separated to Advertisement major and Public Relations major
  • Earth and Marine Science major renamed as Marine Life Science Major
  • Department of Chinese Language & Culture was renamed to Department of Chinese
  • Extension construction of Natural History Antiquity Museum 2nd floor completed
  • 2nd University Innovation Forum held
  • 10th Executive Vice President Dr. Lee Gun-sang took office
  • Construction of Industry-University Cluster Support Center completed
  • Educational Media Center was abolished and construction of Ansan Academic Education Development Center completed
  • Educational Media Center was abolished and construction of Ansan Academic Education Development Center completed
  • Culture Contents major newly established in Graduate School of Industrial Management Design
  • Construction of Design College Pavillion completed
  • Ansan Campus student student quota diminished from 2153 to 2040(113 decreased)(College of Engineering 39, College of International Culture 25, College of Media Information 10, College of Business 9, College of Design 30)
  • Ansan Information Communication Center reorganized as Office of Information Communication
  • Academic Education Development Center Non-book materials moved to Academic Library
  • Construction of Creative Leader Nurturing Center(18 story 2 buildings) completed
  • Construction of Guest House is completed
  • Industry-University Cooperation Information Center in Ansan Academic Library opened
  • Undergraduate College newly established. English Education Committee, Computer Education Committee newly established
  • Social Education Center, Graduate School of Industrial Management Design moved into Guest House
  • Construction of LG Innotech/Microloan material engineering research center is completed
  • Institute of Basic Science Committee newly established in undergraduate college
  • Ansan Campus student total diminished from 2040 to 1930(110 decreased)(College of Engineering 65, College of International Culture 15, College of Business and Economics 30)
  • Engineering Education Innovation Center newly established as Auxiliary Education Institution
  • Construction of Engineering Building 5 completed
  • Department of European Language & Culture and Department of German Language & Culture major abolished(integrated to Seoul Campus from 2008)
  • College of International Culture, Department of Humanities, Department of Chinese, Department of Japaneses Language & Culture, Department of English Language & Culture, Department of European Language & Culture were reorganized to majors. Started to be operated as Korean Language & Culture major, Culture & Humanity major, Cultural Contents major, Chinese major, Japanese Language & Culture major, English Language & Culture major, French Language & Culture major
  • Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Ansan Research Center was designed and opened in Campus
  • 11th Executive Vice President Dr. Won-Jung Yeon took office
  • Multicultural Research Center newly established
  • Center for Gender Equality newly established in Student Center
  • Construction of Korea Testing Laboratory in Campus completed and opened
  • Construction of Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute Integrated Research Center in campus completed and opened
  • Construction of Wind Environment Experiment Center, Fusion Integrated Electronic Technology Center completed
  • Industry-University Cluster Business Unit and Strategy and Control team were abolished and Industry-University Strategy Team(Strategy and Control Team, Industry-University Cluster Business Unit, Academic Support Team ) were newly established
  • Academic Affairs Team Office of Academic Affairs & Admissions were renamed as Team of Academic Affairs and Office of Academic Affairs & Admissions were restructured
  • Team of Industry-University Strategy in Industry-University Cluster Center was newly established and Team of Cluster Support and Team of Education Support was established as a sub institute
  • Integrated Human Sensing System Research Center was newly established
  • Multi Core Design Technology Research Center was newly established
  • 12th President Dr. Kim Chong-yang took office
  • Center for Students With Disabilities was newly established
  • 12th Executive Vice President Dr. Nam Tae- woon took office
  • College of Business, Department of Business acquired certification for business education
  • 30th anniversary Ceremony, establishment of Founder Statue, KBS Open Concert were held
  • 1st alumni Homecoming Day
  • Renamed as ERICA Campus