Passion in Action

‘Love in Deed and Truth’, Hanyang’s founding and most cherished principle, is imprinted on the hearts and minds of Hanyangians. Diligence, honesty, humility and service are the wheels that drive love in action. Hanyangians passion is spreading not only in Korea, but all over the world.

22 week

History of Hanyang University Volunteer Corps,
Hanyang Hope Since 1994

Volunteer programs both nationally and internationally
(regular semester)
Participants of International Volunteering Programs

Hanyang’s Commitment to Service

Hanyang Hope, The First Volunteer Corps among Universities in Korea
  • Hanyang first established the volunteer corps in 1994 and set up a social volunteer course, which in turn contributed to the expansion of volunteering service among universities. Celebrating its 22th anniversary this year, Hanyang’s volunteer corps seeks long-term service rather than ones that end shortly. In addition to simple labor services, students have developed specialized volunteer programs which take advantage of their majors in fields such as science, medicine and education.
Hanyang Harmony, Alumni Social Volunteer Corps
  • Founded in 2012, this is the first alumni social volunteer corps among Korean universities. Hanyang alumni and students collaborate in various volunteering programs. In addition to fulfilling their social responsibilities by global volunteering in countries such as the Philippines and Cambodia, volunteers are also fulfilling their social responsibilities by consistently conducting volunteering programs such as fund-raising musicals, briquette (coal) delivery services, charity bazaars, and Gimchang (making Gimchi).

Hanyang’s Volunteer Programs

Saeabong (Gimchi Making Event)
  • ‘Saea-bong’ is the abbreviation of ‘Volunteering makes the world a better place’ in Korean. Participating students make Gimchi and share it with others who are in need.
Sibsi-ilbap (Volunteering at Student Cafeteria)
  • Students volunteer at the student cafeteria during their free time and receive meal tickets. They then give these meal tickets to others who are in need.
Medical Volunteering
  • Hanyang Medical Center conducts medical volunteering with ‘Good Neighbors’.
Sharing Skills
  • This project involves setting up water filtering system in countries such as Cambodia and the Philippines where water is sparse. Hanyang is the only university that has this unique program in which students’ knowledge from their major is applied to their voluntary service.