• Center for Continuing Education is helping students to enjoy learning through a wide array of life-enriching courses ranging from hobby and leisure courses to career classes. In addition to the joy of learning, students have the opportunity for professional development and earn credentials through our certificate programs.
  • 1. Certificate Programs

    We have established various certification courses that would directly help to advance into society.

  • 2. Professional Development

    We have established professional courses (photograph art beginner, intermediate, advanced, experts on fermentation enzyme) that can be utilized in real life.

  • 3. Personal Enrichment

    We are providing opportunity to students to take advantage of leisure time more actively by opening liberal arts, hobby class, and life sports classes (golf, dance sports, literati painting, yoga)

  • 4. Foreign Language Courses

    Conversation classes for English, Japanese, and Chinese are divided by proficiency level. Our distinguished instructors ensure class contents are practical, beneficial and fun!

  • 5. Discount

    Current students are eligible for a 20% discount. Simply submit your enrollment verification at the time of registration.

  • 6. Registration

    Please register through our website.

Center for Continuing Education