Global Entrepreneurship Center

The Global Entrepreneurial Center was established in 2009 to cultivate a sound entrepreneurial spirit in the early years of its business and to teach the living field experiences and practical wisdom of senior business leaders.

1. To educate skills, manners, and characteristics of the startup entrepreneur to be prepared for technology start-up program
2. To teach students not only theoretical knowledge but also real life experiences and disciplines in order to help them succeed as an entrepreneur and also continue to manage their business in sustainable means
3. To support young entrepreneurs and nurture them thoroughly through alumni connections
4. To develop Hanyang’s founding philosophy and pragmatism which have served as a major pillar of Korea’s miraculous development
5. To contribute in creating jobs and upgrading industrial structure through the revival of entrepreneurship and the promotion of startup mind


1. Role and Function
  • -Education: to cultivate entrepreneurship and enhance management skills for prospective business founder, students, and venture entrepreneurs.(Education)
  • -Startup Training: to develop practical business skills through contest, camps or internships(Training)
  • -Networking: to strengthen connections among students and entrepreneurs through forums and mentoring cafe. (Networking)
  • -Incubation & Investment: to provide startup incubating to promising venture firms, start-up clubs, and student entrepreneurs.(Incubating & Investment)
  • -Research & cooperation: international cooperation and research on entrepreneurship(Research & Cooperation)
2. Hanyang Startup Program
(1) Educating the skills Hanyang nurtures prepared technical entrepreneurs through thoroughly educating the skills, attitudes, and abilities a start-up entrepreneur must possess
  • -Student Business Startup Lecture
  • Basic Startup Course : promote entrepreneurship and nurture talented individuals with a creative convergence mindset
    Design thinking
    Success strategies of Korean entrepreneurs
    CSR spirit
    Understanding of culture & art industry
    Understanding and usage of 3D printing
    Business model skema
    Startup trend 1
    Startup trend 2

    Advanced Startup Course : Focusing on educating practical knowledge that one needs as an entrepreneur
    Business foundation and cooperative
    Creative Business strategies and patent
    Law and startup finance
    global startup seminar
    Transmission of capital and investments
    Startup A to Z
    Techno Management
    Business Creation Engineering
    Financial management
    Distribution theory in fashion industry
    Cultural contents industry and marketing
    Financial Management
    Seminar of Dance related career path
    Fashion marketing and Branding
    Design Marketing
    3D printing startup

    Practical Startup Course : Experiencing overall procedure of business and developing required skills through simulations
    Business practice workshop
    Capstone Design
    Startup training 1
    Startup training 2
    Campus CEO
    Startup talk concert
  • -Startup convergence major
    Aims in nurturing students who have professional knowledge with creative convergence mindset by applying startup curriculum in their major.
    • ·Degree conferred : bachelor’s degree in venture startup
    • ·Given credits : 39 credits in startup lectures(Intermediate major 21, Advanced major 18) ※ from class 2016, 36 credits are required
    • ·Recruitment period : During multi-field major registration period in every May, Nov
  • -Startup-friendly college system
    • ·Leave of absence for startup : approved when students’ leave of absence found plausible due to business startup.
    • ·Credit recognition for business startup : recognition of credits if preparation for startups and its operation allow students to achieve their learning goals
    • ·Credit exchange for startup courses: attending startup lectures in other schools where Hanyang is in partnership with.
  • -Hanyang Startup Academy
    Provide support to successful start-ups by educating them on basic business skills and business practices as a part of the alumni CEO training project, which was planned for the first time in domestic universities.
    • ·Support programs such as education(basic/advanced), senior entrepreneur seminar, professional mentoring, networking, visit to companies, visit to IR and performance presentation
    • ·Credit recognition for business startup : recognition of credits if preparation for startups and its operation allow students to achieve their learning goals
    • ·Certificates are given to students who participate in this course, qualified to become a member of startup academy, related to investment, preferential service when moving into business incubation center, opportunity to participate in Hanyang entrepreneur nurture program for free.
(2) Startup Training
Startup Training
Programs Contents
Lion cup contest A competition in which alumni and students teamed up to commercialize their communal startup ideas
Venture startup contest A contest for the early discovery and incubation of creative and innovative business models for undergraduate·graduate students
Entrepreneur camp Business startup mentoring camp that startup founder and senior entrepreneur mentor work together
Techno Management CEO Camp A camp for performance sharing and best practices contest of ‘100,000 won project’
Domestic business startup internship Enforcement of student capability through internship in domestic startup companies
Global business startup internship Experiencing global business startup process by working on projects with local entrepreneurs abroad
Hanyang startup global challenge Counselling with buyers, deploying in startup innovative product exhibition, managing ‘Hanyang Startup Booth’ in CES of Las Vegas, US
Creation of prototypes by using 3D printer 3D printing education for startup companies to print their new prototypes. Equipment support in 3D printer and other technology.

(3) Networking
Programs Contents
Hanyang Startup Forum Issue centered seminar participated by senior entrepreneurs, professors, and prospective startup founders. Provide a platform for exchanges and knowledge sharing to facilitate inter-enterprise collaboration.
Business Hub Day A networking opportunity designed in order to share informations about current issues in management and discuss problems and solutions about ideas for successful development and management of Hanyang alumni venture entrepreneurs.
Mentoring Cafe Periodical mentoring from successful entrepreneurs and professionals from different fields.
Mentors on call 1: 1 coaching and mentoring programs (intellectual property rights, legal affairs, taxation / accounting, finance, marketing, investment promotion, overseas advancement, etc.) by experts for student·alumni founders, startup lecture students and business owners.

(4) Startup Care and Investment
Startup Care and Investment
Programs Contents
Center for Business Incubation Support business foundation through startup club, student entrepreneur, business care center in Hanyang for newly launched businesses, coaching room(patent registration fee, advertisement & marketing cost, commercialization cost, support and investment in business startup cost, seminar for newly found businesses and support in networking etc)
Business Hub day A networking opportunity designed in order to share information on management issues and to find solutions to problems to create successful business performance.
Mentoring Cafe Periodical mentoring from successful entrepreneurs and professionals from different fields for advisement.
Mentors on Call 1: 1 Coaching and mentoring programs (intellectual property rights, legal affairs, taxation / accounting, finance, marketing, attracting foreign investment, etc.) for students, alumni founders, start-up lecturers and tenant companies.
3. Business Startup Infrastructure
Global Entrepreneurship Center
-entrepreneurship care center
-TIPS incubator
-alumni supporting business center
-alumni startup seminar

Idea Acceleration
-Innovation studio(selling and producing prototypes)
-Art&Technology department(art, convergence technology, education for prototype invention)
-Imagine Lab(virtual 3D design, 3D printing design support education)
-TRIZ center(assimilating capstone, idea acceleration )
-Idea Factory(3D printer utilization, prototype production)

Global Technology Commercialization
-Silicon Valley, business center in NY
-Business centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Weihai, Yancheng, China
-Hanoi Vietnam business center
-Bali Indonesia business center
-Danish business center representing Northern Europe(global practice, encouraging job creation and employment, global industry-university cooperation supports)

Industry-University Cooperation Council
-China 2.0 council(Global technology transfer, enforcement in business capabilities etc)
-Chinese investment industry-university cooperation council(Chinese stock market IPO, investment support etc)
-Pangyo techno valley commercialization of technology forum(financial support in technology, learning technology value evaluation means, technology commercialization related etc )

Technology Commercialization/Education Support
-Graduate School of Technology & Innovation Management (3D printing education/technology commercialization education)
-Engineering graduate school (engineering education/technological support)
-Converged major(converged technology education, startup business convergence education)
-Innovation Center for Engineering Education(Capstone design, education on engineering)

Technology Transfer/Industry-education Cooperation
Technology innovation support center(All-set support/ engineering council)
-Technology transfer center(technology transfer, intellectual property consultation, value evaluation, support in public relations)
-Analytical Instrumentation Center (usage of shared equipment, gear education, analysis/certification)

University Angel Fund Investment
-Hanyang Angel Club
-Hanyang Youth Business Launching Fund (IR, Angel investment matching fund, coaching & mentoring, seed money etc)
4. Contacts
Tel Support
82-2-2220-2856 Startup Lecture(student startup lecture, business foundation convergence major), absence of leaving due to business startup
82-2-2220-2857 Alumni startup support(Startup Academy, Lioncup Contest, Startup Forum etc)
82-2-2220-2868 Support in student business startup(Startup Club, Startup Contest, Startup Internship etc)
82-2-2220-1340~1 Support and Care in business startup(Center for Business Incubation, Startup Support Center for Alumi)
82-2-2220-1967 Idea Factory(3D printer utilization, support in creating prototypes)
82-2-2220-2871 Planning startup education, development in business startup education contents