Birth of a Dream

In times of severe oppression in 1939, our visionary founder established a school to educate young adults with the dream of liberating his country. It was a farsighted and bold dream, which recognized professional education as the key to gain independence. Students were taught to use their influence to achieve growth, stability, and human dignity for their people. These became the key founding principles of Hanyang, to pursue innovation with the aim of advancing common good.

  • 1939. 07Dr. Kim Lyun-joon founded Dong-A Engineering Institute (Hanyang Engineering College)
  • 1948. 07Hanyang Engineering College established and accredited by the government
  • 1959. 02Hanyang Engineering College renamed as Hanyang University
  • 1959. 03Dr. Kim Lyun-joon appointed as the first president
  • 1965. 01Hanyang Foundation established

Extraordinary Achievements: Unprecedented Transformation in World History

Hanyang has been the driving force behind Korea’s miraculous transformation from being one of the poorest countries in the 1950s and 60s to be among the largest economies in the world today. Our graduates have been highly influential in virtually every aspect of our nation’s modernization process, and in recent decades, have progressed to make profound impact on the world stage.The challenges we face today as a nation and a planet are great. Undaunted, we will face them head on, with our unwavering commitment to make discoveries that improves lives and prepare our graduates for positions of global leadership and lives of service.

  • 1972. 05 Hanyang University Medical Center established
  • 1979. 01 Ansan Campus opened
  • 1994. 12 Volunteer Corps established
  • 1995. 10 Hanyang University Hospital opened in Guri
  • 1998. 07 Paiknam Library & Academic Information Center established

Continuing Our Story of Resilience and Uncompromising Commitment

With our centennial approaching, our move forward must be marked by the same span of aspiration that our luminary founder Kim Lyun-joon established at the founding of our institute. Honoring our founding mission, we will continue our proactive approach to pursue brave innovations for the purpose of promoting public good.

  • 2003. 10Education Research Cluster Project Team launched
  • 2003. 12Industry-University Cooperation Foundation established
  • 2009. 12Ansan Campus renamed as ERICA Campus
  • 2010. 07College of Pharmacy at ERICA Campus opened
  • 2015. 03Dr. Lee Young-moo appointed as the president
  • 2019. 03Dr. Kim Woo-Seung appointed as the president
  • 2019. 05Registered Cultural Property No. 751 of the History Museum