Paiknam Library & Academic Information Center

Paiknam Library & Academic Information Center holds a collection of more than 135 thousand books, 12,500 species of serials, e-journals of the 83,000 species and scholarly database over 50 species, and performing a pivotal role in supporting academic research and teaching and learning of students.

Hanyang University Medical Center

The University operates two hospitals, one located in Seoul and the other in Guri, which is on the outskirts of Seoul. Hanyang’s hospitals have been recognized as being among the best medical centers in Korea thanks to their wide range of medical services. Over ten million patients a year are served through in and out patient care. Although the study of rheumatism has already been firmly established as a discipline of clinical medicine in more advanced nations, such research and knowledge has not yet been fully developed in Korea. Thus the presence of Hanyang’s Rheumatism Clinic is proving to be invaluable.

The University Museum

The University Museum was first constructed in the early 1950s. The total collection of the Museum includes various antiques, ceramics, paintings, historic relics, and folk crafts. The Museum places special emphasis on its collection dedicated to the history of science. It is located near the Administration Building and is a four story building which contains exhibition rooms, a museum library, and a seminar room with a seating capacity of 120.

Hanyang University News(Han-dae Shinmoon)

The weekly newspaper, Han-dae Shinmoon was first launched in May of 1959. Today, the paper is typeset on Monday and published every Tuesday with a circulation of 15,000 to 20,000 copies. Some of the copies are regularly sent to university alumni living both in Korea and abroad, while other copies are sent nationwide to high schools, universities, pressrooms, libraries, and about 210 universities in 45 countries around the world.

Hanyang Journal

The Journal published its first issue in June 1970 under the name ‘The Hanyang Times.’The name was later changed to its present one in 1980. Recently, the Hanyang Journal has begun uploading the contents of its most recent issues onto the Internet so that those interested in the University can more easily gain access to news and information about Hanyang.

Hanyang University Broadcasting Stations (HUBS)

The HBS (Hanyang Broadcasting System) began in February 1960 and was renamed HUBS (Hanyang University Broadcasting Station) in November 1967. In addition to audio broadcasting, HUBS opened a TV studio on the fifth floor of the First Student Union building in March 1995. The TV studio is well equipped with broadcasting equipment allowing students to watch student made TV programs in the First and Second Student Union buildings.

The Office of Sports Activities

The Office of Sports Activities was established in 1961 and has been helping to produce nationally renowned athletes and leaders in the field, playing major roles in the development of Korean physical education. The Office has modern facilities and a Korean style lounge where athletes can rest, use the sauna, and a weight room for strength training.

Student Residence Hall

Student Residence Hall seeks to provide a convenient and comfortable accommodation facility in order to help students pursue academic excellence and experience communal activities to fully cultivate individual characteristics and noble personalities.

Institute of International Education

The Institute of International Education was established on March 10, 1997 for the promotion of foreign language education. Since 1970, it has been offering various programs designed for students and the general public. The Institute is located on International Building and offers customized programs in a comfortable learning environment.

Center for Continuing Education

The Center for Continuing Education was developed to offer social education which is growing increasingly important in this age of information. The center was opened on the Seoul Campus on September 1, 1987 to provide diverse programs that offer various learning opportunities to those who wish to gain more information or skills related to their particular fields of interest.

ROTC(Reserve Officers' Training Corps)

The Hanyang Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) is a college-based officer training program which was established in 1961 for training commissioned officers. With the vision to nurture talented future elites, Hanyang ROTC strives to train commissioned officers.

Discovery Center for Science and Technology for Young Scientists

Discovery Center for Science and Technology for Young Scientists is offering various science related activities for elementary, middle and high school students including science show, experiments, and guest lectures. In 2002, the center manufactured science trailer equipped with experiment materials and advanced video devices to visit actual education field.

Center for Students with Disabilities

Reading Room for Students with Disabilities was established in 2003, and it was later renamed and expanded as Center for Students with Disabilities in 2009. It provides various welfare services including academic supports and counseling services to help disabled students in their school lives.