• At the Hanyang Institute of International Education, talented and experienced native (English, Chinese, Japanese) teachers and Korean teachers develop and provide various language programs to meet learners’ needs, and contribute to the globalization of the campus by regularly providing Korean language courses for foreign students. In particular, the institute minimizes the burden on students by arranging various class time slots for student convenience and allows them to experience such courses at a much lower cost than at other private institutions.
  • 1. Level-specific Language Training

    All language courses at the institute, such as speaking classes with natives and TOEIC classes, are customized for each student according to their levels which are determined through level tests.

  • 2.Korean language education for foreign students

    This language education program contributes to promoting South Korea to foreigners by providing Korean language courses and Korean culture education (10 weeks per semester) and is contributing to the globalization of the campus through exchanges between enrolled students and other foreign students.

  • 3.The provision of various scholarship benefits

    In the case of TOEIC courses, 50% of tuition fees are returned to students if certain conditions are met (i.e. attendance rates, exam registration) in order to contribute to the improvement of the students’ language skills and to the increased employment rate of students. Additionally, the institute also offers a variety of other benefits such as sequenced courses, simultaneous registration of classes, and other events.

  • 4.Registration

    Various classes, such as conversation with native speakers (English, Chinese, Japanese), TOEIC, OPIc, and more, will be held in accordance with the start of classes for enrolled students (Class registration and Classes are scheduled to begin every year in March and August) and during the holidays (Summer, Winter). Korean language courses for foreign students will be opened four times a year (March, June, September, December). Students can register through the Hanyang Institute of International Education’s website at http://ericaiie.hanyang.ac.kr.

Hanyang Institute of International Education

  • URL : http://ericaiie.hanyang.ac.kr
  • TEL: 82-31-400-5841, 5842, 5847 (Questions in regards to foreign language and Korean language courses), 82-31-400-5833 (Questions in regards to TOEIC)
  • FAX: 82-31-400-5834
  • Location: Hanyang Guest House, 2nd Floor