Introduction of Student Clubs (for foreign students)

1. Hanyang International Volunteer Association (HIVA)

H.I.V.A. is a student association consisted of foreign students studying at Hanyang University. Our goal is to contribute to the foreign-student community through various activities including voluntary activities at various events sponsored by the Office of International Affairs, international HABITAT which is an charity activities helping accommodation building for the needed, and many others.

2. Hanyang Global Student Union (HGSU)

HGSU is a student organization which not only speaks out for foreign students enrolled at Hanyang, but also promote various international exchange programs. We also run the "International-zone", further encouraging cultural exchange and friendship between local and foreign students. We await enthusiastic students willing to participate.

3. GLOBAL 사랑漢大

GLOBAL 사랑漢大(love HYU) is a student-led group introduced by OIA to promote the globalization of Hanyang University. Our primary goal is to inspire the international students to be proud and honored to be a part of the community.
Since 2010, which was the year it was formed, GLOBAL 사랑漢大 has a great reputation for numerous accomplishments, such as promoting foreign visitor campus tours, international admission lectures, publishing international student newsletters, and holding various cultural festivals and activities for students.
Especially, not only Korean students, but also international students play an important role in assisting the GLOBAL 사랑漢大.