• Institute of International Education provides comprehensive course for international students who wish to study Korean.
    • 1. Students progress through 6 levels of Korean language classes
    • 2. Korean culture class linked to the Korean language curriculum.

Course outline

Course outline
Introduction Students will learn the Korean alphabet.
(Level 1A) Basic Korean phrases and simple sentences.
Level 1
Basic vocabulary essential for daily life
Improve ability to organize sentences using honorifics.
Necessary phrases for greetings, introductions, shopping and dining.
Date and time expressions.
Level 2
Pronunciation and phonological changes in Korean.
Grammar focus such as connective and final endings, passive sentences, and indirect speech.
Practical conversations such as phone calls, reservations, post office visits etc
Level 1
Basic vocabulary for everyday life.
Complicated postposition, connective endings, final endings, and supplementary predicate words.
Improve ability to communicate using familiar subjects.
Understanding TV commercials, interviews and weather forecasts.
Level 2
Onomatopoeia, mimic words, proverbs and current expressions.
Complicated postposition and honorifics.
Improve ability to logically state an opinion concerning social issues.
Level 1
Idioms and foreign loanwords
Vocabulary related to social phenomenon.
Comparably easy literature and current events related to p이itics, economics, and culture.
Language expressions for summarizing, demonstrating and persuasion.
Level 2
Special v cabulary focus on jargon, slang, informal speech and abbreviations.
Understanding abstract expressions and ideas from philosophy,literature,politics and economics.
Improve overall Korean proficiency and fluency.
Writing focus on reports and essays.
Professional and intensive course for students who have completed all levels within the Korean program.
Preparation for university, graduate school or employment.
For students desiring complete Korean fluency.
PowerPoint presentations, multimedia, essay writing, translation, intensive listening and reading, vocabulary and grammar.


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