Birth of a Bold Legacy:
Hanyang Foundation

During one of the darkest times in Korean history, visionary founder Kim Lyun-joon established Dong-A Engineering Institute in 1939. Kim recognized that quality education was the key to liberating his oppressed country, that his people needed to be equipped with advanced knowledge and skills in order to be independent. Despite numerous challenges, Dong-A Engineering Institute expanded into Hanyang University in subsequent years, and an educational foundation was established to better support numerous other education institutions. Since its opening, Hanyang has been the driving force behind Korea’s miraculous transformation from being one of the poorest countries in the 1950s and 60s to be among the largest economies in the world today. Nearly 80 years later, Hanyang Foundation is educating an average of 35,000 people every year.

Greetings from the Chairman, Board of Trustees

Based on the philosophy of the founding of "Love in Deed and Truth", Hanyang Foundation has been striving for education that can be completed with love. Therefore, Hanyang education is not proud of the abundance of knowledge. Instead, we value the education to be used wisely to neighbors, nation, and ethnic groups. Through the value education, each educational institute branches of Hanyang produced superior human resources, which have led to the modern history of Korea. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in the development of the country.

Each educational institution of our Hanyang does not satisfy with the current phase. By inheriting the tradition and history of the past, we are trying to get higher value-added education and the wisdom of education.

The genuine meaning of education is the education to improve the human values and cultivate wisdom which will make to be able to create a better future.

Now Hanyang Academy will put further efforts in order to fulfill the mission and responsibility that has been given to us in the frame of ‘The future of Hanyang is the future of our country.’ Our proud history of Hanyang will be continued by fostering the "practitioners of love" which the human society has been required.

Chairman, Board of Trustees Hanyang Foundation 김종량


Dong-A Engineering Institute established by Paiknam, Kim Lyun-joon
Kim Lyun-joon appointed as Chairman of Board of Trustees, Hanyang Foundation
Hanyang Engineering College, the first private engineering college in Korea, established
Hanyang Engineering School separated into Hanyang Engineering Middle and High School
Hanyang Engineering College renamed as Hanyang University
Hanyang Girl’s Middle and High School established
Hanyang Elementary School established
Affiliated Hospital established within Hanyang Medical College
Hanyang Women’s University established
Kim Lyun-joon appointed as Chairman of Board of Trustees
Hanyang Kindergarten, affiliated with Hanyang Women’s University established
Hanyang Cyber University established
Dr. Kim Chong-yang appointed as 13th Chairman of Board of Trustees

Institutions of Hanyang Foundation