Doollehgil, Hanyang Campus Trails
Discover Hanyang’s Eight Scenic Points

Hanyang unveils a 2.6-kilometer-long trail called "Hanyang Doollehgil"
The trail passes through the Hanyang campus while providing those who walk it with a restful environment.

한양 둘레길 코스 한양 8길

▲ Hanyang’s Eight Scenic Points

  • Scene 1-The Lion’s Rumble

    Doolehgil(a Korean native word for a walking route) begins in front of the Main Building where the ferocious rumble of the lion molds future dreams of the young generation. Located just outside Hanyang University subway station, the lion statue is surrounded by the New Administration Building, College of International Studies, and Hanyang Plaza.

  • Scene 2-Memorial Stone’s Reflection

    The memorial monument of the poet Mok-wol, located midway along the stairs leading to the College of Humanities, symbolizes Hanyang’s humanistic spirit. Walking up the 158 stairs lends time to meditate on literature, philosophy and history. Questions of one’s existence, purpose and how to live a life of meaning and integrity are called to mind.

  • Scene 3-Namsan’s Twilight

    This is one of the most beautiful scenic points of Hanyang’s Dooleh Way. Sitting high atop a cliff, the College of Humanities offers a view of Jinsa Road and Wangsimni. The evening’s sunset glow just beyond Namsan is a stunning sight. The scene in Wangsimni is one of young romance and friendships. One the right is the College of Medicine and the Student Union Building is to the left.

  • Scene 4-Riverside’s Night Lights

    This view is on the path between the College of Humanities and the College of Social Sciences. In the background stands the Colleges of Natural Sciences and Education. From here, an undisturbed view of the Han River is taken in at a glance. Cheongye and Joongryang streams come together with the Han River here and flow out into the deep sea. Hanyang students likewise come together to hone their knowledge and skills before heading out world of endless possibilities. Car passing beside the riverside form a long tail of lights under the evening sky.

  • Scene 5-War Horse’s Tracks

    Paiknam Library, the hub of Hanyang University is situated at the peak of the campus. Once the location for training war horses, Hanyang students now vigorously trek around the grounds disciplining their minds and spirit through study and mediation. Surrounding the library are the Hanyang Institute of Technology (HIT), College of Human Ecology, Paiknam Concert Hall, Engineering Building 1, College of Social Sciences, and the College of Education. Standing high above in the center of Hanyang’s campus, all roads emerge from this point throughout the university.

  • Scene 6-Haengwon Park Stroll

    Haengwon Park is a garden surrounded by the Colleges of Business Administration, Economics and Finance, Law, and Policy Science. Below are Hanyang Women’s University and Hanyang Elementary School. Encircled by a forest of buildings gives the park a cozy feel. The strength of youths walking or exercising form the park’s landscape. It is these young ones who are the engine of tomorrow’s leadership.

  • Scene 7-Outdoor Stadium’s Youthful Energy

    Standing here and taking in the outdoor stadium in one glance lifts the spirit. Whether running as fast as possible or just observing, the stadium emits energy. The Olympic Gymnasium used for volleyball during the 1988 Seoul Olympics, as well as the Colleges of Performing Arts and Sport, Music, Human Ecology are set behind while the College of Engineering is located in front of the stadium grounds. Just beyond lies the Salgoji Bridge, a landmark full of history.

  • Scene 8-The Amphitheater’s Cheers

    Any “Hanyang-in” is sure to have memories of the amphitheater shaped like an opened fan, filled with dynamic cheers during campus festivals. Relaxation and blossoming young love captivate smaller audiences even when the theater is not in use. Surrounding the Amphitheater are the University Museum, Hanyang Memorial Hall, Advanced Materials and Chemical Engineering Building, and the Engineering Center. Liberal Arts classes held in Engineering Building II is also in view.