Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation
Hanyang LINC Foundation

  • Hanyang University ERICA campus, starting with the business of establishing Academy-Research-Industry cluster in 2003, was selected for a project, Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation, which has started since 2004 and, as a leader, is currently aiming to spread Industry-University cooperation system through the cluster on ERICA campus base. The campus has also worked on the industry-University cooperation by receiving the funds about 400 billion won from the government as selected in the second project consecutively in 2009
  • Also, through getting credits for the efforts to actively promote changes in the university for Industry-University cooperation, the campus was selected as one of excellent universities in the first step of colleage evaluation in every year and in the second step of the evaluation for 4 consecutive years. In March 2012, ERICA campus successfully achieved the technologically innovative business of ‘Leaders in INdustry-University cooperation (LINC)’ supported by the ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and it will have been funded more than 4 billion won as government subsidies over the next five years. Hanyang LINC Foundation has trained professionals in ‘high-tech gadgets and NT·BT fusion’, the specialized fields of the region, and contributed to the development of local industries.