Global wireless roaming service (Eduroam)

1. About Service

Eduroam(education roaming) is a global wireless roaming service established for international research and education community.
Members of institutes that are registered to Eduroam can access wireless service of all education institutes around the globe when visiting affiliated educational institutions (universities, research institutes, etc) with no additional verification process, using their original id@domain/pw. .

2. Registered institutes

If you can search ‘eduroam’ in SSID of the visiting institute, you can determine that the site is an affiliate of eduroam service. For further information please click the link below.

For the list of institutes registered in eduroam, please check the links below
- registered domestic institutions :
- registered international institutions :

3. How to use Service

 A. A method for Hanyang University members to access eduroam from outside institutions

3. How to use Service

Available users ;

everyone who has an account in HY-IN

Detailed process

① wifi setup - select eduroam as SSID
② type pw (identical to HY-IN account)
③ go through same verification process as HYU-wlan
④ after verification free access is available

B. A method for other members of the organization connect to eduroam at Hanyang University

3. How to use Service

Available users;

Institutes registered to eduroam service

Detailed process

① wifi setup - select eduroam as SSID -
② type ID/ pw (identical to your institute’s account)
③ after verification process you have access to free wireless connection in HYU
④ Login information will be kept for 6 months according to eduroam bylaws
⑤ Guest Service for eduroam visitors may be limited.


eZ SPC software Download

eZ SPC software  is developed by Dr. Chang W. Kang, professor, Department of Industrial & Management Engineering and his SEAQ (Statistical Engineering for Advanced Quality) research team at Hanyang University ERICA campus, South Korea. eZ SPC is a simple and user-friendly software package that includes basic QC tools, probability distributions, descriptive statistics, graphical analysis, basic control charts (for means, variances, proportions) and advanced control charts (CUSUM, EWMA, CV), process capability analysis, gage R&R, interval estimation, tests of hypotheses, regression analysis, analysis of variance, and factorial design. The eZ SPC software package accompanies the book Basic Statistical Tools for Improving Quality, Chang W. Kang and Paul H. Kvam, Wiley, to be published in 2011.
The eZ SPC software package is free.

 : English Ver.

Creating Email Account

Hanyang email accounts are in the form of “”.
It is only for students (current and graduate), current faculty member (professor, employee, administration associate) etc, and it is created after going through a simple process of identification.

Hanyang mail can be used on smartphones supported by other email programs such as Outlook.
Various languages such as Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese are available.
Further notice can be found on the first page of the webmail site.


Group mail inquiry : 02-2220-2186

Personal mail inquiry : 02-2220-2181

Combined Hanyang ID

This membership issuing procedure enables you to use all services in Hanyang.
It is issued to everyone in and out of Hanyang as well as those who don’t have direct connections to the school.

However, limited access to services apply according to group and category.

    Click for Service ; Connect to HY-in > Create account

Mobile Service (Official App)

This official application helps members to easily access information on HY-in through their mobile device.
It may be downloaded in app stores that correspond to the device you are using.

- Android Version ; Click for play store

- iPhone (iOS) Version : Click for App store


This is a combination of all services related to Hanyang such as course registration and viewing grades.

▶ Students : view grades, registered course list, registration for scholarship, payment of tuition in installments and verifying receipts, job search, documents of proof, report loss of student ID card, registration for reserve troops, etc.
▶  Professor : mark grades, managing courses, managing research, managing work, payment etc
▶  Employees : personal information (promotion/work experience), payment, supply management

▶ Contacts (Seoul Campus)
 ▶Student-related : Seoul 02-2220-1415
 ▶Professor class- related :Seoul 02-2220-1415
 ▶Professor administration-related : Seoul 02-2220-1417
 ▶Employee-related :  Seoul 02-2220-1417
 ▶Groupware-related :  Seoul 02-2220-1417

Providing wifi connection

Every Hanyangian has free internet access all across campus.
Ways to access free internet may differ depending on the devices and OS environment.
Generally, the name of the wifi is ‘HYU-wlan.’ You may need to login first to ‘HYU-wlan (Setting Guide)’ in order to install needed programs.

▷ View notice : Please follow the instruction below according to your device.

Click here for MS window :
Click here for Mac OS :
Click here for Android devices
Click here for iOS devices
Click here for Linux devices

Contacts : Internet connection inquiries (Seoul 02-2220-1427, ERICA 031-400-4484)


Using PC Rooms

PC rooms provide open space for students to study and use for various purposes.
Most PC rooms are operated by the directioneach college.
For inquiries,, contact the administrations office.

Common PC rooms may be used for other purposes (such as for a class) after agreement is made. .