Hanyang University records and
stores research materials
for the integrity of research

  • Research ethics involves the application of fundamental ethical principles without negligence of incorrect knowledge, unintentional errors, falsification or plagiarism, thus to secure objectivity and accuracy of research.
  • Thus related ideas, research methods, data and other materials has to be recorded and secured for certain period.

Research Misconducts

  • Forgery : the act creating the false data or results
  • Modulation :the act of artificially distorting the data or process of research or arbitrarily modifying or deleting materials, equipment, or process or research.
  • Plagiarism :the act of plagiarizing or citing others’ intellectual ideas, research outcome or patents without permits
  • Improper dissertation author : the act of excluding those who contributed the research from a co-author or including those who did not contribute
서울 캠퍼스, ERICA캠퍼스 산학협력단 연구진흥팀
서울캠퍼스 ERCIA캠퍼스
전화번호 : 산학협력단 연구진흥팀(02-2220-0873) 전화번호 : 에리카산학협력단 연구진흥팀(031-400-4953)
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