Hanyang Campus Student Services

Come and check our campus facilities and stores including cafeterias, printing services, convenience stores, cafes and many others.

Campus Dining

Campus Dining
Name/Location TEL
Cafeteria for Faculty and Staff Members (College of Human Ecology Building) 2220-1547
Cafeteria for Faculty and Staff Members (Advanced Materials & Chemical Engineering Building) 2281-8166
Cafeteria for Students (Hanyang Plaza 3F) 2220-1883
Cafeteria for Students (Student Union Building, Sarangbang) 2294-9181
Nanuri Cafeteria (Haengwon Park) 2290-2624
Gimbob Nara -Rice Roll (Hanyang Plaza 1F) 2281-5659
Tteokbokki -Spicy Rice Cake (Hanyang Plaza 1F) 2298-8823
Chinese Rice Noodle (Hanyang Plaza 1F) 2294-3388
Bonjour Hawaii (Hanyang Plaza 1F) -
Byeogje Galbi - Club H (HIT 6F) 2220-4771~3

Stationery & Souvenirs

Stationery & Souvenirs
Name/Location TEL
Souvenir Shop (Administration Building 1F) 2220-4141
Stationery Store (Student Union Building 1F) 2296-9500
Stationery Store (Advanced Materials & Chemical Engineering Building) 2298-2049
Morning Glory Stationery Store (Hanyang Plaza) 2282-0543
Souvenir Shop (Haengwon Park) 2296-6694
Souvenir Shop (Hanyang Plaza) 2296-6694


Name/Location TEL
Café Tiamo (Paiknam Library) 2298-8901
CNN Café (FTC Building) 2220-4674
CNN Café (International Building) 2292-6674
Book Café (Student Union Building) 070-8866-3534
Café Cue (IT/BT Building) 2294-0222
Café Serio (Hanyang Plaza 3F) 2291-1011
Café Twosome Place (Hanyang Plaza 1F) 2292-8880
Café Coffeea (Hanyang Plaza 1F) 2220-4748
Café A-Great (Hanyang Plaza 1F) 2291-8659
Café (Student Residence Hall Ⅱ) 2282-1741
Café I (Hanyang Cyber University) -
Café New York Hotdog (Hanyang Cyber University) -

Stores & Convenience Store

Stores & Convenience Store
Name/Location TEL
Snack Bar (College of Humanities) 2220-1557
Narea-gil Rest Area (Engineering Building Ⅱ) 2220-1556
Snack Bar (Gymnasium) 2220-1874
Snack Bar (College of Medicine Lecture Hall) 2220-1965
Snack Bar (Student Residence HallⅠ) 2298-3068
Snack Bar (Student Residence Hall Ⅱ) 2281-5715
CU Convenience Store (Advanced Materials & Chemical Engineering Building) 2294-2290
CU Convenience Store (Paiknam Library) 2293-2360
CU Convenience Store (Hanyang Plaza) 2282-0773
7/11 Convenience Store (Hanyang Cyber University) -
CU Convenience Store (Haengwon Park) 2282-0773

Printing Services

Printing Services
Name/Location TEL
Copy Room (Paiknam Library) 2220-1552
Copy Room (Engineering Building Ⅰ) 2220-1555
Copy Room (College of Humanities) 2293-9598
Copy Room (Business & Economics Building) 2291-1726
Copy Room (Engineering Center) 2295-5746
Copy Room (College of Medicine Lecture Hall) 2296-0730
Copy Room (Advanced Materials & Chemical Engineering Building) 2296-2049
Copy Room (College of Medicine) 2294-7435
Copy Room (IT/BT Building) 2297-2049
Copy Room (Hanyang Plaza) 2220-4700
Copy Room (Haengwon Park) 2220-4700


Name/Location TEL
DongHwaTravel Agency (Hanyang Plaza 3F) 2220-1848
Hair Salon (Student Union Building) 2220-1554
Campus Book Store (Student Union Building) 2220-1851
Shoe-repair Shop (Hanmadang) 2220-1867
Fitness Center (Student Union Building) 2299-9688

Hanyang Plaza

Hanyang Plaza
Name/Location TEL
Café Serio (3F) 2291-1011
Hanyang Flower Shop 2220-4004
Café Twosome Place 2292-8880
Café Coffee A 2220-4748
Gimbob Nara (Rice Roll) 2281-5659
Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake) 2298-8823
Chinese Rice Noodle 2294-3388
Bonjour Hawaii -
Café A-Great 2291-8659
Hancom Tech 2291-4006
Optical Shop 2292-7501
Digital Photo 2220-4747
Mobile Store 911-8888
Sweet Shop 2282-0543
Lotteria 2293-1515
Morning Glory Stationery 2282-0543
Copy Room 2220-4700
Souvenir Shop 2296-6694
CU Convenience Store 2282-0773