Office of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs is mainly in charge of faculty and academic affairs of the university. It also includes center for teaching & learning and Seoul e-learning center.

Office of Admissions

The main goal of Office of Admissions is to recruit excellent students with talent and potential. It strives to promote our university for prospective students and to conduct fair and effective entrance examination.

Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs is in charge of student policy making affairs, scholarship and other student welfare services. Apart from that, it also supports students through personal counseling and psychological testings.

Office of General Affairs

Office of General Affairs consists of General Affairs & Human Resource Team, Property Management Team, Facility Maintenance Team and Facility Inspection Team. The office is mainly in charge of supporting various campus events, managing school’s official documents, managing staff personnels, and also in charge of managing school facilities, campus securities, and beautification of the campus.

Office of Budget and Planning

Office of Budget and Planning consists of Planning & Evaluation Team and Budgeting Team. The Office is in charge of university evaluation preparation, budget organization and management of strategic development plans.

Industry-University Cooperation Foundation

Industry-University Cooperation Foundation is in charge of supporting research and promoting partnerships with various industries. It operates research centers, government funded projects, and research collaborating centers in order to facilitate research capacity of the university.

LINC Foundation (Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation)

Hanyang was selected by government funded LINC project (Leaders in INdustry-University Cooperation) in 2014, and established LINC Foundation to create leading business model of industry-university cooperation. Hanyang LINC Foundation mainly focuses on fostering future leaders with creative technical skills, developing innovative technology, and building stable foundation for mutual development of university and industry.

Volunteer Corps

Founded in December 1994, Hanyang Volunteer Corps promotes various community service of university based on its founding principle ‘Love in Deed and Truth’. It contributed to the expansion of volunteering service among universities in Korea.

Office of International Affairs

Office of International Affairs (OIA) develops and manages ERICA’s global strategies and planning. OIA is responsible for international partnership and exchanges, international student admissions and services. OIA also facilitates the global expansion endeavors of the university and seeks to provide students with ample opportunities to gain global experiences.