Office of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs is mainly in charge of faculty and academic affairs of the university. It also includes center for teaching & learning and Seoul e-learning center.

Office of Admissions

The main goal of Office of Admissions is to recruit excellent students with talent and potential. It strives to promote our university for prospective students and to conduct fair and effective entrance examination.

Industry-University Cooperation Foundation

Industry-University Cooperation Foundation is in charge of supporting research and promoting partnerships with various industries. It operates research centers, government funded projects, and research collaborating centers in order to facilitate research capacity of the university.

Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs is in charge of student policy making affairs, scholarship and other student welfare services. Apart from that, it also supports students through personal counseling and psychological testings.

Office of General Affairs

Office of General Affairs consists of General Affairs, Human Resource Team. The office is mainly in charge of supporting various campus events, managing school’s official documents, managing staff personnels, etc.

Office of Facilities Management

Office of Facilities Management is in charge of managing school facilities, campus securities, and beautification of the campus.

Office of Planning

Office of Planning consists of Planning & Evaluation Team and Budget Team. The Office is in charge of organization management, university evaluation preparation, and budget organization.

Office of External Relations & Development

Office of External Relations & Development is in charge of building development funds. The Office also operates Alumnus Network System and Hanyang Alumni Fundraising Association (HAFA) in order to build stable times among alumni members and with the university.

Office of Information and Communications Technology Services

Office of Information and Communications Technology Services manages overall IT services of the university. It manages Hanyang Portal, Mail, and other IT related services.

Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs(OIA) was established for the purpose of fostering favorable international relations between Hanyang University and various academic organizations around the world. OIA plays a crucial role in fostering ties on both general to specific levels, ranging from the conclusion of inter-university agreements to the hosting of international students and faculty. OIA is also responsible for the coordination of Hanyang’s international events, the promotion of the university’s global affairs, and the maintenance of HYU’s international networks.

Education Advancement Center

Education Advancement Center is in charge of operating government funded ACE projects.

Volunteer Corps

Founded in December 1994, Hanyang Volunteer Corps promotes various community service of university based on its founding principle ‘Love in Deed and Truth’. It contributed to the expansion of volunteering service among universities in Korea.