Scholarship Program (for foreign students)

“Hanyang International Excellence Awards”

1. Qualifications

  • 1)International Students who have a TOPIK level certificate and achieved a minimum GPA of 3.0 for the previous semester.
  • 2)Those who are receiving other scholarships from other organizations, including GKS Scholarship, can’t apply for this scholarship.
  • 3)If you take a leave of absence afterward, you would be disqualified for scholarships.
  • 4)Extra points will be given depending on the TOPIK level.
  • 5)Those who have the Insurance of which period is not expired.

2. Selection Process

  • 1)1st step : Document screening
  • 2)2nd step: Interview (Only for those who pass the first step)

    Required Document for the interview: Certificate of health insurance

    If you don’t submit a valid insurance card or the insurance registration certificate, you will be ineligible for the scholarship.

3. Benefits

  • 1)Scholarship period: 1 semester
  • 2)Award amount: Recipients will receive 70%, 50% or 30% tuition reduction according to the evaluation results.

4. Application method and application period

  • 1)Announcement will be made through official homepage of Office of International Affairs.
  • 2)Online application: Every year beginning of March and September.
  • 3)Interview: Every mid-March and mid-September.

5. Scholarship payment method

  • Tuition fees must be paid during the payment period, and HIEA will refund the appropriate amount to the recipients.

    Please turn in TOPIK certificate and a copy of your insurance registration certificate (insurance card) within the scholarship application period.

6. Inquiries: OIA 02-2220-2451

“TOPIK Scholarship”

1. Application requirements

  • 1)Foreign student who is currently enrolled for a degree program and obtained a TOPIK certificate after the admission.
  • 2)Student who is on a leave of absence OR student who extended his/her study in undergraduate level OR graduate student is excluded.
  • 3)Can be benefited along with other scholarships from the university

2. Application Criteria

  • 1)Admission fee will be provided regardless of the result of examination. Applicants must register for the higher level than their former level obtained. Beginner level is not included.
  • 2)The scholarship will be provided in the case of acquirement of higher level certificate. Level 6 holder can be benefited in the case of their certificates are already expired or having less than 5 months to the expiration date of their certificates.

3. Application procedure

  • Apply at TOPIK homepage → Participate in the test → Submit the Result

4. Amount

  • 1)Admission fee: KRW 40,000 from level 3
  • 2)Scholarship: KRW 190,000 at the acquirement of level 4 or above (refer to Application Criteria)

    Scholarship includes the admission fee(KRW40,000).

5. Application Documents (After the test)

  • TOPIK certificate, copy of a bank account, TOPIK certificate obtained before(only for holder), a copy of the health Insurance

6. Inquiries: OIA 02-2220-2451