Seasonal Semesters : Summer School and Winter School

  • a. Opening Time: during summer/winter vacations, for those who are willing to graduate earlier or earn supplement credits.
  • b. Qualification: Regular students enrolled at Hanyang university, Students on a leave of absence, Credit exchange students from other universities

    * If a student on a leave of absence takes seasonal semester as last semester, he/she needs to take one more regular semester to graduate.

  • c.Available courses: Classes are mainly composed of 2 or 3 credit-worth courses (major requirements / field elective courses)
  • d.Course registration

    registration date, list of open courses, and course schedule are announced at a separate time, prior to the registration. Course registration is carried out through HY-in system in the same way as regular semesters.

  • e.Grading system
    • The method of calculation / admission of grades acquired in seasonal semesters are identical with those of regular semesters.
    • Grades earned from seasonal semesters are transcribed in grade reports separately with regular semesters, and are included in total acquired credits as well as in making a calculation of average grades, but are not acknowledged as credits for scholarships, the order of precedence, awarding, etc.