• School Dorm renamed
  • Department of Bionano Engineering in College of Engineering Sciences was newly established
  • College of Engineering Sciences, Department of Construction Traffic Engineering (Construction Environmental System Engineering major, Traffic System Engineering major), Electronic Computer Engineering(Electronic and Communication Engineering major, Electronic Information System Engineering major, Computer Engineering major) College of Media Information, News Broadcasting, Information & Society major were changed to Department of journalism & Mass Communication and Department of Information Sociology were newly established
  • Due to campus structural reform, all administrational structures were changed to team bases.
  • Construction of new front Door Agora completed and opened
  • College of Practical Physical Education and Science was renamed as College of Sports and Arts
  • Awarded Presidential Award in Small & Medium sized technology innovation competition in Industry-University Cooperation Part.
  • Awarded Presidential Award in Small & Medium sized technology innovation competition in Industry-University Cooperation Part.
  • Department of Pharmacy in College of Pharmacy and Department of Applied Music in College of Sports & Arts were newly established
  • 13th president Dr. Lim Duk-ho took office
  • 13th Executive Vice President Dr. No Shi-tae took office
  • Red Bus starts to run at Front Gate
  • ERICA alumni office opens and employees allocated
  • Shuttlecock remodeling
  • Construction of Red Bus station at Front Gate completed
  • ERICA Industry-University Cooperation Foundation newly established
  • Construction of crossroad at West Gate completed and opened
  • Received 1st accreditation for higher education
  • Department of Design of College of Design(Metal Design major, Fiber Design major, Industrial Design major, Visual, Package Design major, Image Design major) was reorganized as major Structure and Department of Metal Design, Department of Textile Design, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Visual & Package Design, Department of Interactive & Multimedia Design were newly established
  • Traffic Engineering major renamed as Department of Transportation and Logistics Engineering
  • Industrial Management Design Graduate School separated to Graduate School of Innovation Graduate School and Technology Management
  • Selected as Technology Innovating LINC business unit by Ministry of Education and Science Technology
  • Construction of Pharmacy Building and ERICA Music Hall completed and opened
  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering of College of Engineering, was selected for excellence in software program
  • Department of Robotics of College of Engineering Sciences and Department of Integrative Engineering(evening) established
  • Department of Actuarial Science, Department of Accounting & Tax of College of Business established
  • Construction Environmental Engineering major renamed as Department of Civil, Environmental And Plant Engineering
  • Department of Science Technology of College of Science Technology and Department of Molecular Bioscience were reorganized as major structure. Newly established as Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Chemistry & Applied Chemistry, Department of Applied Physics , Department of Fusion Marine Sciences, Department of Molecular & Life Science
  • College of Innovating Design was reorganized to Jewelry, Fashion Design major, Surface Interior Design major, Techno Product Design major, Communication Design Major, Entertainment Design Major
  • Selected as the best university receiving the highest score at LINC business 1st year evaluation in Technology Innovation University
  • 14th Executive Vice president Dr. Park Sang- chun took office
  • Ranked 12th in JoongAng Daily University Rankings(first separate assessment)
  • Selected as BK21 plus project(2 business units 10 business teams)
  • Selected as Best University in LINC Business 2nd year evaluation technology innovation type(Best score in 2 straight years)
  • Selected for CKⅡ (University for Creative Korea) Project
  • 15th Executive Vice president Dr. Lee Jae- sung took office
  • Department of Military Information Engineering(Contracted major with Korean Marine)
  • Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (renamed), Department of Materials Engineering(combined major, renamed), Department of Advertising & Public Relations (combined major, renamed)
  • Received Grade A in University Structure Innovation Evaluation
  • Construction of New Ansan Line confirmed(including extension)
  • Ranked 8th in JoongAng Daily University Rankings
  • Department of Dance and Performing Arts(renamed)
  • Selected for Program for Industrial needs-Matched Education Projet (PRIME)
  • Ranked 8th in JoongAng Daily University Rankings
  • 3102 Bus(headed directly to Gangnam station) operated
  • 16th Executive Vice President Dr. Kim Woo-seung took office
  • Student Dorm(Haengbok) opened
  • Artificial Grass Stadium opened
  • Department of Software(Software, Computer major) Department of ICT integration (media, culture, design technology major), Nano Photoelectron major newly established
  • Chemistry molecular Engineering major
  • Marine Integrated Engineering major
  • Department of Japanese Studies (renamed)
  • Department of Sport Science (Sports Culture major, Sport Coaching major)(renamed)
  • Selected as Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation Project (LINC+) (Advanced form of Industry-University Cooperation Type)
  • Extension construction of Industry-University Cluster Support Center 5,6th floor completed
  • Extension construction of 6th floor of Engineering Building 2 completed
  • Ranked 9th in JoongAng Daily University Rankings